Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Yikes ... It's been two weeks!!!

Actually it has been more than two weeks since I last updated my 'journal' on 6 May.  Time sure is flying past ~ I wonder if time goes faster as you get older??  I think I have asked myself this question before but I can't remember if I gave myself an answer!!! LOL!!!  Any input?

I have done some individual posts in my blog as there were too many photos to share to do it in one post. 

On Friday night Connor went to play magic and when we went to fetch him we chatted to Felicia who is a waitress at Ocean Basket and she was telling us that a young Indian couple had come into the restaurant and had a meal to the value of R400 and were going to walk out without paying.  The guy got away but they detained the girl and called the Police ~ The frustrating part of this is that if they had both gotten away then Felicia would have been liable for the bill.  I wonder if people realise that the restaurant does not take the knock but the waiters and waitresses mainly take the punishment for their careless actions.

On Saturday we helped my friend Alison who was moving after 10 years in her home ... It is strange when you can remember things like it was yesterday and so much time has passed in between but you can't remember what you had for lunch the day before!!! 

We met her at her old home at 08h00 and packed boxes onto the trailer and went through to her new home.  Richard got busy putting the patio set together and Ali and I got to sorting out the kitchen.  We had a very productive day with a lunch of pizzas on the newly constructed patio furniture.  When we got home Connor asked if we could go to Nando's for dinner so we had a quiet dinner at Nando's and then dropped him off at The Glen to meet some friends and fetched him again at 10pm.

We met up again on Sunday at Ali's new home and Richard busied himself with installing lights (I had to get a photo of Alison helping Richard with the light in her new study), plugs and heaters and an extra rail in her closet after which we fetched her hanging clothes from her old home and moved them straight into the new closet ~ at least she didn't have to pack her hanging clothes and it so much less work this way!!!  Ali's friends Cathy and Gisi met us at her old home at 2pm and we moved some more boxes and bits 'n pieces over.  On our way back I bought us ice creams which we enjoyed while taking a well earned rest.

We then got stuck into the garden and moved a whole host of pot plants, empty pots and other junk that was in the garden onto the trailer.  We were too late to go past the dump so we parked the trailer with all this stuff on it.  My Mom of course made quick work of the items on the trailer yesterday morning with the informal collection guys getting all the plastic pots, which they take to recycling, our domestic worker chose two of the pot plants to go into her new room and then some of the stuff our garden service removed for us.  By the time I got home yesterday afternoon most of the stuff was gone!!! Yippee!!!

Tuesday ... I am really not feeling well today so I decided to take a duvet day but of course lying in bed is not so easy so I decided that one of the things I needed to get done today was to update my blog.  Now as many people know my Mom lives with us and runs my home for me.  We have a domestic worker who comes in on Mondays and Fridays and the two of them work together however during the rest of the week my Mother doesn't stop ... this morning I took this photo of her dusting the wooden blinds in the lounge and now she is busily working in Connor's room sorting out his cupboards ... she just never stops!!!  I guess it is what keeps her young! and gives her a reason to get up in the morning. 
The next photo I must get is when my Mom and Sheron clean the windows ... My Mother, who is nearly double Sheron's age, cleans the outside, at times hanging from the burglar bars, and Sheron cleans the inside of the windows.

I am now going to do some work on my laptop until I need to fetch Connor from school.


  1. Yes, time does accelerate. I'm finding years fly by. I can't even remember the Nineties!

    Thanks for the update. The events of your life are interesting.

    1. The only reason I remember the nineties is that I had my son in 1995!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Lynn, I wondered why you were so quiet, then you blogged a whole lot. Lovely reading, your blog, well done