Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sisters Dinner ~ 16 May 2012

Norma was in London last week so we moved our Sisters Dinner to this week and decided to go to Torino's Pizzaria this month and the service was a little disappointing, to say the least!  I had a very busy day so I only got to eat my lunch at 5 so I decided on Butternut Soup ~ I think Wendy and I could teach them a thing or 2 about making butternut soup! and a foccaccia which was harder than a biscuit!  The company, however, was great ~ Everyone was calm and we had a really lovely evening. 
 As usual ... had to document for my 'journal'.
 As usual, we each came bearing gifts and a gentleman at the table next to us asked us what our dinner was about so Noleen explained that we meet once a month and that whenever there is a special 'occassion' like birthdays, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, etc that we give each other gifts.  He asked if we would like to be invited to his birthday party but then left without giving us the details!!!
I got a scarf and chocolate fromNoleen, a necklace and hand cream from Wendy and Toblerone and Yorkie chocolates from Norma.


  1. Is there any way I could be adopted by your family so I could come to these gatherings?!

    1. Consider yourself adopted. We would LOVE to have you at our sisters dinners!!!!

    2. It sure would be a treat to have Ally come over for one of our 'sistas dinners' but do you think he'd survive? We're pretty crazy you know.

  2. Lynn, you are so fortunate to have a large family, to be able to make the effort to get together at least once a month, that is GREAT. Well done.