Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Even Teenagers Can Declutter!!!

This afternoon when Connor got home from school he found that his Nanna had gotten stuck into his wardrobe and there was a pile of stuff in his bedroom for him to make decisions on ... he decided to donate a whole lot of stuff and then a whole lot of magazines went into the recycle bin and also a bag of books to go to his old primary school.

I was very proud of him for making quick decisions and decluttering so much stuff.

These two remote control cars, two money boxes and a pump bottle with Spriderman on it were sent to Anthony and Michael ~ his cousin's sons.  One of the secrets to decluttering is to get the stuff out of your home a.s.a.p. so I called my sister and asked her to pop past our house on her way home and these items are already on their way to the boys.  Some of the stuff will leave with me tomorrow morning to drop off for a charity.

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  1. Wow, Lynn, what a way to declutter. Way to go, Connor