Monday, 16 April 2012

Weekend Roundup

Richard got up early with me on Saturday morning and made me a lovely cuppa tea which I was busy with when Rozzie arrived at our house ~ we filled her travel mug with a fresh cuppa coffee, loaded the car, kissed my hunny and hit the road.

The full tank of petrol predicted 700km's of travel.

Girls roadtrip ... here we come!!!
We stopped off at Harrismith for a liesurely breakfast at Mugg & Bean (years ago there was only a Wimpy but now you have a choice of a whole host of restaurants) and then were on the road again.  There was quite a lot of roadworks which made our journey a bit longer than anticipated and also the drive from Durban to Ballito is further than I anticipated (only being the second time I have ever gone to Ballito!!).  We arrived at The Regal Inn, where Susan had booked us for the night, and did a quick change of clothes, fixed up the make up and met Susan's friend Steven in the reception and drove to Susan's house ~ which fortunately is only a few minutes away.  We arrived fashionably late ~ so unlike me!!!! but thankfully were not the last ones to arrive.

<<< I met this gorgeous little girl Kayla, her Daddy Warren works with Susan, who kept me busy for a while ~ she is a real little ball of energy and it was love at first sight.

There were a lot of people there from Massmart ~ where Susan and Roz work.  In total I knew 5 of the people ~ S usan, her Dad Ken, Roz and Gail & Bill Sharp (Gail employed me in The Perm in 1985).  I hadn't seen them in years so it was very nice to chat to them a bit during the evening.

Dinner was lamb on a spit with potatoes and salad followed by a divine vanilla cake for dessert. 

When we got back to The Regal Inn I lay in bed chatting to Roz and  apologised in advance in case I fell asleep in the middle of our chat.  I had the best sleep I have had in a long while and got out of bed at  06h45.

Susan picked us up at 8 to take us to breakfast.  I had to take a photo of her and Roz in front of this gorgeous mirror. 

It's not secret that Susan LOVES pink

Susan took us to the Milk Cafe in Ballito where I had french toast and cuppaccino for breakfast.  We spent a long time chatting and at 10h00 we had to unfortunately say "bye" and start our journey back home.

We stopped in at a garage just outside of Durban and the odometer was on 715 km's with 80 km's left in the petrol tank.  WOW!!! That was really good consumption.

We stopped off at Montrose and had pancakes for lunch at House Of Coffees and then drove the rest of the way home and chatted up a storm.  Roz joked that she had chatted my ears off!! 

This was the spectacular sunset which ended off a stunning weekend.


  1. Glad you guys had a good trip.

  2. It's fun following your life. Seeing your friends and family in photos is especially nice.

    And that blue top is really cute!

  3. Lynn, that was a very quick trip, but also rather exciting, judging by your photos and smiles. Well done.