Wednesday, 18 April 2012

April Sisters Dinner

This morning I think the sun felt the same way I did ... like the alarm went off too early and it wanted to stay under the covers just a little longer ~ Here is the proof!!!  At 06h30 it was still lurking behind the clouds however it looked spectacular ... see the drops on my windscreen?  That is because I wanted it to be clean to take this photo.
After a really busy day at work I popped into my friend Pam's craft shop to get some elastic to restring two bracelets for my sister Norma.  While there I saw these cute shell bracelets so I got one for each of my sisters ~ I like to give them a little something at our Sisters Dinners.  I placed the bracelet (see the bracelent Wendy has on) around a packet of liquorice toffees from Woolies ... such a lovely gift ~ even if I must say so myself!!!

We moved our Sisters Dinner out by a week as Norma was away on holiday last week and we didn't want to do it without her.  We decided on George's Bistro in Meyersdal because their food is always good ~ however tonight I got cold food and when I told the manager he said he is putting it in his memory bank and the next time we go there he will make sure that my food is hot ~ he compensated by giving us an after dinner drink (cuppaccino for me, hot chocolate for Noleen and a Dom Pedro for the other two). We had a lovely time tonight and I left the restaurant feeling really relaxed and happy to have spent two hours in the company of my very special sisters.  As usual the cameras were there .... 



Wendy gave us each a magazine, Lindor choclate and a litte Miss Kitty choc and Norma gave us a tin of Soet Koekies from Woolies (yum!!! I am having some right now with a cuppa tea).

Well, that's all from me for tonight ~ I will catch up with you in blogland again sometime soon!

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