Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What a weekend ... Episode 2

Leonie was up around 05h30 and we had a cuppa coffee together and then Brenda joined us.  I jumped in the shower, we had a quick breakfast and got to our scrap tables a little early and sorted ourselves out.  By 9 we were ready to be challenged with another layout and Alison  let us know she was on her way.  

The Manager at the Lodge had arranged a trip to the Diamond Mine at 11 which we declined as we wanted to spend some time with Alison when she arrived and I also did not want to do this without my boys.   The girls who went said they had a stunning time at the mine and had to walk part of the way back as the clutch cable in the vehicle snapped on the way back to the lodge ~ I was so glad that I was not with them as I certainly did not have walking shoes with me.

We met in the garden for a lunch of toasted sandwiches and chips and then ambled back to our scrap tables.  A very productive afternoon of scrapping, great conversation and good coffee was followed by a dinner of chicken-a-la-king, rice & veggies and delicious ice-cream and chocolate sauce. 

Before dinner there was a magnificent sunset and I could not resist taking some photos ...

We worked on another layout and when I was finished I worked on a pack that I had brought with ~ we all left the scrap room around 11h30. 

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