Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What a weekend ... Episode 1

It was wonderful going to work on Friday morning knowing that I was only working half day.  I spoke to Alison in the morning and she and I agreed that we felt like we were leaving something at home as we are not used to packing so lightly.  My trusty trolley was loaded with all the necessities and the red bag held a gift for each of my friends and a blanket for my knees ~ you never know when you are going to get cold!!!  I left the office at 12h00 and drove through to Cullinan.  Alison called to say that she was not going to make it through to Cullinan as her precious cat Bella was not well and the vet could only make it at 8pm to see her. 

I arrived at the lodge and unloaded my car, checked in and then sat and chatted to my friend Cheryl who had arranged the weekend.  Once Leonie and Brenda arrived there were nine of us ladies and we decided to walk around the corner to Harrie's Pancake Bar and indulge in a sweet treat.  I had my favourite banana and caramel pancake with cream ... it was absolutely delicious and so gorgeous I had to take a photo of it.  Here are Leonie and Brenda in front of Harries which is housed in this quaint building in the middle of town.   

When the other ladies arrived we all met in the garden for a welcome drink and then moved down to the conference room where we each had two gifts on our tables ... A Scrapper's Survival Kit (plastic gloves for the ladies who had had their nails done and didn't want to mess them up, tissues, a needle, headache tablets, click 'n stick, etc.) and an album for us to keep our completed pages safe.

We had a break for dinner of lasagne, salad, malva pudding & custad and then all congregated back at our scrap tables.  We got working on our first page ~ Cheryl had a photo of each of us with the same hat on printed in black and white ~ and this is how our pages came out ... It is amazing how you can get the same "recipe" but each person's page comes out a little different ...

At 9h15 Alison SMS'd to let us know that her preciour Bella had passed away ~ She had inhaled a grass seed which has caused a massive chest infection.  Her gentle little soul will be sorely missed when we scrapbook at Ali's house.

Our second layout kept many of us scrapping until well after midnight ~ Just as well ~ Brenda and I were in room 31 (which is between 12 and 14!!) which is the middle one in this photo and between the aircon unit for the room next door and the traffic I hardly slept and was sitting outside at 05h15 the next morning as I didn't want to wake Brenda too early.  On the positive side ... the rooms were very pretty and the beds firm and comfortable with good linen.

 When we did eventually get to our rooms there was this gorgeous gift with a note saying "Sweet Dreams" waiting for us on our beds ... I kept the chocolates for my choc-a-holic son. 

Brenda and I lay chatting and catching up for a long time.

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  1. Lynn, your certainly Blog very well, and I just loved reading all 3 episodes of your weekend. Sounds like you had fun, completed your layouts and ate and slept well. Well done, to you all.