Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sisters are a gift from God ...

Tonight was our monthly Sisters Dinner and I was really looking forward to spending the evening with my sisters.  Noleen had booked at Aldeia  Portuguese Restaurant in Brackendowns ~ It was her choice of venue as it is her birthday month. 

Unfortunately Wendy advised that she could not make it as Courteney has tonsilitis and was feeling realy poorly this evening and she was also a bit under the weather with a throad infection.

Before I left to fetch Norma I took this cute long arm photo of my hunny and me.

We had a lovely evening filled with great company, OK food and horrible coffee!!!  Not sure whether this place is worth another visit.

I had a Portuguese steak ~ the best part about the meal was the chips  ~ followed by a Creme Brulee which was no competition for the one I had in Cullinan on Sunday. 

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