Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What happened ....

to the past three days?  Hmmmmm!!??

Sunday ... Graeme came around to help Richard with the motorbike racks they are manufacturing for sale.  I was "fannying about" (as Raymond's (Rowan Atkinson) wife likes to say in The Thin Blue Line) when Courteney BBM'd me to let me know that her Mom was coming round to visit.  Wendy arrived with her scrapbook bag over her shoulder and took out a pack to work on.  I have the same pack so decided I would work on it at the same time.  Mom made us hot dogs for lunch and we continued scrapbooking until about 4.  Wendy left around 4:30 and Graeme followed at about 5.  Sunday evening was spent quietly in front of the TV with my hunny after Mom made us curry mince pancakes followed by sugar 'n cinnamon ones for dessert.

Monday & Tuesday ... was spent in our Branch Managers Conference at Olwazini (our Management Development & Training Centre) in Muldersdrift.  Although it is a 54km drive (one way) for me I love every minute of it ~ It is the most tranquil setting and any opportunity I get I go there.

On the drive there yesterday morning I realised that winter is on it's way ~ The signal? Cosmos.  There were a number of bushes along the road but I could only manage to make a quick stop and take a photo of this small bush.  I love cosmos and this winter I am going to photograph a lot of it ...
Wikipedia says : Cosmos is native to scrub and meadow areas in Mexico where most of the species occur, Florida and the southern United States, Arizona, Central America, and to South America in the north to Paraguay in the south.

Another site says : It is believed that the seeds of the flowers originally came from Mexico and was brought in with bags of horse-feed for the English troops during the Anglo-Boer War. With this in mind it is no surprise that the roads lined with these cosmos flowers lead to many Anglo-Boer War memorials.


  1. I'm jealous -- I wish Wendy would come over my place for a few hours so we could chat and eat your mother's hotdogs.

    The picture is pretty. I love nature.

  2. You will be even more jealous if you read my post for Saturday ~ we had lunch AND went shopping in a huge and gorgeous clothing shop!!! LOL!!!!