Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Midweek holiday!

21 March is Human Rights Day in South Africa.  On this day in 1960 the police killed 69 people at Sharpeville who were participating in a protest against the pass laws. Many were shot in the back. The carnage made world headlines. Four days later the government banned black political organizations, many leaders were arrested or went into exile. During the Apartheid era there were human rights abuses by all sides; Human Rights Day is but one step to ensure that the people of South Africa are aware of their human rights and to ensure that such abuses never again occur.

It is always a welcome relief to have a day off in the middle of the week so we took advantage of it!!

I was up early so I did some blog reading.  Richard called me to the kitchen and there was Indiana checking in over the kitchen door ... he was so cute and it seemed like he was posing for me to take these photos.  Whenever I tried to photograph Lassie he would turn away but this young man waited patiently for me to take the photos.

We left at 08h30 to drive out to Honeydew to fetch our Touran ~ Last night my friend Marian and I were chatting on SMS when she suggested we meet for lunch at Clearwater as she had a hair appointment ... this was the perfect opportunity to let Richard off the "shopping hook" so when we left the garage he came home and Connor and I went shopping for some clothes for him (Richard HATES shopping!).  I managed to get this pic of Connor in the change rooms. 

When we were finished there I needed a cuppa coffee so we went to Mugg & Bean and Connor had some French Toast and I had a cuppaccino.  We then did a trawl through the mall and ended up at Exclusive Books where I saw that there was a new Danielle Steel out so I quickly popped to CNA where I got it for R11 cheaper.  I got Connor some books at Exclusive and we decided that we would wait for Marian at Simply Asia where we had agreed to meet.  She let us know that her hair appointment was running late so we had a starter and read our books ... Connor had dim sum which he didn't enjoy and I had spring rolls and sweet corn cakes with sweet chilli sauce and sweet plum sauce ... yum!!! And it looked pretty!!!
Marian and her sister Andy joined us and we had a lovely afternoon with good food and great company ~ This is definitely a menu I will have to explore again. 

Marian and Andy both looked so gorgeous after their Brazilian Treatment ~ I am so used to seeing the two of them with their curly locks that it was really different to see them with straight hair.  They look like models in this photo taken in the salon.  I also took a photo of them at lunch and of course a photo of the two of us friends.
Choosing a dessert was really difficult as they had some really interesting stuff on their menu ...  Marian had chocolate spring rolls drizzled with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream (left), I had fried banana with syrup and ice cream (right) and Connor and Andy had chocolate angles which were chocolate samoosas with vanilla ice cream.

I love spending time with Marian so as usual the afternoon sped past and before we knew it it was 4pm and she had to rush to get home to her hubby and children.  Connor and I took a leisurely drive back as it was pouring with rain.  This evening I think I may open my laptop and read some e-mails with my hunny at my side or ..... we may just play some scrabble.  I will let you know tomorrow what the decision was.  I am going to fetch my hunny out of the driveway and have dinner and then who knows!!!

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  1. Great Blog, Lynn. I am so happy to see that you also love Danielle Steel books. I thought I was one of the few. I must admit I have not read one of her books for a long time now, but I do enjoy reading her books.