Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday magic

The boys wanted to go to Melville to play Magic again today so I asked Wendy if her and Courteney would like to get out of the house and go for lunch and then visit the Edgars at Melrose Arch ~ which she has been wanting to do for a long while.

When we went to pick them up I had the opportunity of meeting Bobbi ~ the new addition to their family.  Oh my goodness she is adorable!!!

And here are two people who would love to steal her and take her home!!!

We had a quick lunch at Ocean Basket and then drove through to Melrose Arch ~ Wendy was in her element in this gorgeous Edgars store ~ I knew what to expect as we had popped in there yesterday before our HR Recognition Function for Delphine to buy a belt and I got the 'fascinator alice band' I wore to the function.  We spent a long time drooling over all the beautiful clothes and shoes.  Wendy got herself a pair of shoes and some pantihose and then we popped across the road to Truworths which in comparison to Edgars was an absolute disappointment.  Where Edgars is neat and tidy as a pin Truworths was a bit untidy and just not the same standard.  The boys called earlier than expected and said they were ready to be collected. 

When we got to Wendy's house Connor and Courteney asked if they could go to The Glen later that evening and walk around.  We left and the two of them got ready before dinner ... It is really handy that Connor is so tall and Courteney so short as they shared the mirror in the bathroom without getting in each other's way.  We had dinner and I dropped the two of them off ~ Courteney met her boyfriend there and they did whatever it is teenagers do at the mall.  We collected them again at 10 and dropped Courteney off at home and had coffee with Graeme and Wendy.

Here is a nice photo of these cute cousins.

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