Friday, 30 March 2012


Another week is spoken for ... and I am happy to see the back of it.  When I left home this morning there was a lot of low cloud cover and as I drove towards the silver ball a thin cloud passed in front of it and this photo is the result.  Obviously it didn't capture exactly what I saw however I think it is quite lovely.

This evening Richard stayed at home, working on filling the orders for his   motorbike luggage racks, while Connor and I picked up the Loubser boys and took them through to Outer Limits for Friday Night Magic.  There is a really pleasant vibe between the young men who gather there and much excitement in the air. 

I had a cuppa coffee at Ocean Basket while waiting for Connor to choose a graphic novel which he wants to read next weekend on our drive to Wakkerstroom ~ He was wanting Ultimate Spiderman but had to settle for Tunderbolts (what I know about comics is dangerous!!!). 

The traffic coming home from Melville was still really busy on the highway but thankfully it went quite quickly.  When I got home a storm started to brew and I was grateful that it didn't break while I was on the road.

I worked on my 5 Things and this is what I accomplished .... Made sure everything was finished on these pages and photographed them before putting them in my 2012 album.  These are some of the pages I did at Cheryl's Scrapbook Weekend.

1 January 2012 ... We have a tradition of walking at the Botanical Gardens with Alison followed by breakfast ~ Our friend Leonie joined us this year.

This page has a flip top which slides out to reveal lots of extra photos.

 14 January 2012 : Alison arranged a card making course for us as our birthday celebration.  This was followed by me flying to Durban to meet my boys and spend a couple of days there ... As usual we visited Aunty Ria and had to have "proof" a.k.a. photos!!!
Our excursion to Pretoria and the Voortrekker Monument ...
                                                                      This is the layout I was copying


  1. Ditto. Rough week for me, too.

    I admire your scrapbooking talent. You're very good. My wife Robin disappears for hours at a time when she visits a local scrapbook store: she and her friends are addicted to it.

    Even though you are a world away, it shocks me when you mention places like "Melville" -- because that's the same name as the town next to mine! For a second, my mind thinks you're around the corner.

  2. Great work, Lynn, wow, I am now starting to appreciate the work and effort that goes into these pages. What beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.