Tuesday, 3 April 2012

EARLY Tuesday morning!!!

We were woken with a huge fright this morning ~ our dog Indiana was making a screaming noise and we both jumped out of bed to find him outside the back door and my poor Mom trying to calm him down.  Mom says that he has been having fits the whole night ... I see another visit to the vet on the cards today ~ and I think we have a huge decision to make.

As I was wide awake I decided to read my favourite blogs (still no blog post on Whispered Comfort!!) and then update my own ... well here goes!
Saturday : Spent the morning in my pyjamas while doing those dreaded beauty tasks (like plucking my eyebrows!!!) and then it was time to get ready to go to the wedding. 

Mom took this photo of Richard and I before we left the house ~ Whenever he is dressed up I think he looks like the pastor of a church.

When we got to the venue we were shocked that there were so few cars in the parking lot with just 30 minutes to go to the wedding. 

My friend Brenda, the mother of the groom, looked beautiful ~ as always. 

 I unfortunately did not get a photo of the bride and groom ~ she looked absolutely gorgeous.  After the ceremony we all congregated in the gardens while the official photos were taken.  The reception hall looked beautiful ~ all in creams and gold.  The flowers on the table were spectacular.  The reception was filled with LOTS of speeches, great food and good company ~ at least we knew one person at our table!!!
 This is Brenda's grandson William (the groom's son).  He looked too cute for words and even said a speech.  I had to take a photo of him for Connor as he loves Connor to bits.  He asked me how tall Connor is and when I said that he is taller than his Dad his response was "What do you feed him!!!"
 Sunday : I worked at Rosebank Branch.  Connor and Liam came with and after breakfast they went off to see a movie.  The end of the movie coincided with the end of my work day.  We were starving so we decided to go to LeeWays for pancakes ... on the way Connor called Richard and told him where we were going.  We had just ordered and in came this handsome guy ... my hunny!!!  As always the camera was at the ready ~ Connor took this nice photo of Richard and I.  It took a couple of shots to get a decent one of these funny guys ...

 Monday came around too soon and I was in my car at 05h56 as I really wanted to get a lot done.  As I drove up the road the sun was dilly dallying and this is the result ... There was a lot of smog in the air and I am always amazed at what a wonderful sunrise pollution causes.  The traffic was lovely and I was at my desk at 06h30 and I left it again at 18h00 after a very productive day and again the traffic was great so it took me half an hour to get home.
After dinner Wendy and Graeme popped around to fetch the boys and they had a quick cuppa with us.  We then watched two episodes of NCIS and dropped into bed at 10.

I hope y'all had a good start to the week ... it is a nice short one for me and I am REALLY looking forward to the weekend.  I'm off to make tea and shower and then I'm out the door to Randfontein ... got a busy day ahead and I will check in later ... and as they always said in NYPD Blue "Be careful out there!!!"


  1. Wow, Lynn, it is such a joy to read your blogs, I find then a window into your world. The fact that you are up and on the road so early, amazes me too. I wish I was an early morning person.

  2. I remember that NYPD Blue tagline! And miss it.

    Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope it isn't serious.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again -- you have a good-looking family.

    I can understand how, after a lifetime, beauty-maintenance can seem a "dreaded" chore but, to me, it's a fun opportunity to delight in feminine activity. I guess the fun wears off after some period of time, but I doubt it will ever for me.