Thursday, 29 March 2012

I love Flylady!

I haven't read my Flylady e-mails in a while and am thinking that this could have added to my feeling of overwhelm!!! Although I am born organised I love to read Flylady for some inspiration and this has been lacking for the past while. 

While reading the digest today I saw this mail and it really touched me ...

Testimonial: A Variation on a Theme
Dear FlyLady and flight crew,

I am in my third week of flying and all is going well following your routines. Life
suddenly makes SENSE!

Now that the house is coming together I find my attention shifting towards The
Loft!  It is the place where we dumped everything we couldn't find a place for or

Well six years on, and it is still there and has prevented us from doing anything
better with the space.

I made a decision to deal with five items every day. I have to go up there and
THROW 5 items away every day, if it turns into a daily dozen better still, but I
HAVE to get rid of 5 items no matter what. When things are more manageable
up there we'll go for 15 minute de-clutters, but for now 5 things HAVE to go. 
My husband is chipping in with a similar regime in the outbuildings and it is
really making a difference!

Just thought I'd share a variation on a theme that is working for me
Fluttering in N. France ~ Alex

FlyLady here: Make FLYing work for you!   Just think how much you can
declutter if you will make it a point to fling 5 things a day!  Or set your timer for
15 minutes and start decluttering!

Give yourself a GO ME and get started.

I LOVE that Flylady is not a 'one size fits all and here is my variation on this theme ...
  • I am on my way to the patio where I am going to finalise at least 5 things in my briefcase.
  • Tomorrow I will finalise 5 pages on my scrapbook table and put them in page protectors.
  • On Saturday morning I am going to make 5 notebooks (gifts which have been on my To Do list for months!!!)
  • On Sunday I will finalist another 5 pages and put them into page protectors.
Hope this inspires you to sort out 5 things!!!

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I tried to post a comment on your blog today, but for some or other reason, it did not want to get accepted.

    My comment:Oh Lynn, your blogs are always such a pleasure to read, thank you for sharing these, and what wonderful photos, looks like you are a real budding photographer. I really need to get up to speed in taking good photos.
    Thanks once again, and when I get a chance, I will look up your links you have given.
    Take care, enjoy xxx

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kind Regards
    Patricia Jenkerson