Thursday, 29 March 2012


Today dawned wet and murky ... hmmmm!!! which matched how I was feeling.  I got going on time and thankfully the traffic to the west rand was great so I arrived in Featherbrooke at 7 ... while sitting in my car wondering how I was going to work on my laptop in my car for an hour I looked around and there it was ... a Mugg & Bean!! Coffee and a quick breakfast was the order of the day and e-mails of course.  I joined the branch manager at 7h45 and spent 2 hours with him and then drove through to my area office to do some work before visiting one of my managers who is off on sick leave.

I wanted to pick Connor up from school today so he didn't have to spend 2 hours getting home from school on the bus but was running late so when I dropped him at home I decided to stay here and work as it was pointless driving through to the office for an hour and then battling peak hour traffic to get back home. 

I checked my e-mails (which was a quick process today as I cleaned up my in/out/sent boxes last night) and there was a mail from my darling little Jolene in New Zealand and she sent this link ... go and listen to Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus Take The Wheel" ... it is really a powerful song and today I am asking Him to take back the wheel as I am battling to steer on my own and certainly do not want to crash!!!

Hope you have all had a super productive Thursday and looking forward to Friday and the weekend after that!

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