Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A half week wrap up ...

Monday :  After waking up late ~ oversleeping is a VERY unusual event for me ~ I spent the whole blue day at my desk (even though I overslept I was still at my desk at 07h15!!!).  I worked my bum off and when I left the office at 18h00 I still didn't feel like I got a touch of what I wanted to do done ~ boo hooo!!  Superwoman I am not!!!

Tuesday : I drove through to Olwazini for a full day meeting with my Rivonia Arterial Team.  I was still feeling a bit grumpy but as I drove past Avianto I started to smile as I saw more and more Cosmos ~ how a little thing can brighten up a day!!! 

When I turned onto the road that leads to Olwazini the same thought crossed my mind that crosses my mind every time I drive through to Olwazini ... "Is it really so far down this road??" and then the green roofs and white walls of the beautiful buildings that make up Olwazini come into sight and I feel relieved that I am nearly there ~ This time I managed to get a photo of that sight ... and the reflection in the rearview mirror isn't too bad either!!!
This is the gorgeous setting of Olwazini ... those of us who work for the bank know these sights but they still stun me every time I go there ...  doesn't this look like the most beautiful park?

At tea time this young guy ran over and climbed into the tree outside the conference centre ~ he even sat still while I walked closer to take this picture ~
 We had a really fruitful day and as always I left Olwazini feeling relaxed.

Wednesday : When I set off from home to the West Rand this morning there was a stunning sunrise ... I only managed to get a decent picture as I was turning into Town Square ...   

I was really early so I went to Mugg & Bean and had a cuppa coffee and a yoghurt cup and did some e-mails.  I met my boss just before 8 as we had discussions set with two staff members ~ Both the discussions went off much better than I had anticipated.  When we were finished there the Branch Manager and I rushed up the hill to get to the Area Meeting in Helderkruin.  The meeting went off pretty well and thankfully the traffic home was tame for that time of the afternoon.

I wanted to update my blog before I go and get started with catching up on some work and when I was checking my photos I saw this beauty from Friday which I haven't shared yet ~ As you know by now I have a real passion for a good sunrise and sunset.  This sunrise was captured in my rearview mirror ~ again!!!

Amazing Grace : This is one of my all time favourite songs.  A friend sent this link to me and it is really beautiful ~ so if you have time go and have a listen (and the video is also really beautiful).
I hope you have all had a productive week so far!!!

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