Sunday, 25 March 2012

Happy Birthday Noleen!!!

This morning we managed to sleep late ... that is we got out of bed at 8!!! Showered, had breakfast and then started the great tidy-up of my ribbon box ... it is amazing how quickly it can get untidy and how long it takes to tidy it up!

My hunny spent the day in the driveway working on the motorbike racks and then posted the availability of the racks on the WildDogForum. 

What a feast!!!
We were invited to afternoon tea for my older sister Noleen's birthday ~ Her dining room table was laden with divine sweet and savoury treats.  There was something for everyone's taste.

There was a lot of chatting going on and children playing with each other and not a single disagreement ~ which when you bring a family together is a miracle!!!

  Here are some photos to share ...

A long arm shot of the love of my life ... Connor

The York sisters ... Lynn (2) Noleen (1) Norma (3) Wendy (4)

Noleen's youngest son and his beautiful girlfriend Marisa.

 Norma and her son Wesley.

Graeme & Wendy with the kids

 Jarod, Liam and Courteney.

Noleen and Margot have been friends since 1973.
 Noleen's friend Mary and her daughter popped in for a few minutes.
Gordon and Mom

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  1. What a lovely family portrait! Everyone looks happy. Great pictures.

    I'm starting to feel like I know you guys!