Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wacky Wednesday ...

This morning was another early start ... I left the house at 05h40 as I really wanted to get the month off to a flying start. 

When I left the house this beautiful sight greeted me outside my front door ... It is amazing how this friendship garden rises to meet me every morning!!!

As I drove down the road I caught a glimpse of the sunrise which was absolutely magnificent so I jumped out of my car and grabbed my camera out of my boot.  I battled to find a spot to take a photo as each time there was something in the way.  I stopped at a traffic light on Heidelberg Road and saw the sun reflecting on Ponte and then looked into my rearview mirror and there it was!!!  So I captured it like this ...

Following on from my 4am post I took a little detour on my way to the office and took a photo of one of my other favourite buildings ... it is just down the road from my work and as you can see it is VERY special.  The photo doesn't capture the essence of it but when I think of this building I smile.
I got to the office and got a HUGE amount of work done and left at 12h00 as I made an appointment to have my hair cut (it grew during working hours in January!!!) on my way to Westgate.  Richard took this photo of me this afternoon ~ looking a bit exhausted! but liking the new haircut.

I am off now to have dinner and then to finish off some scrapbooking pages I did on the weekend to kick off my month of getting my scrapbooking to a manageable level.  Hope you have all had a wonderful Wednesday. 


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  1. Just looking at the picture of the sunrise and the buildings, there are soo many blessings all around us, if we can just take a moment to appreciate a few of them - well done to you!!!!!!