Wednesday, 1 February 2012

4 a.m.

and I am wide awake so I decided to pop onto my blog and check for any activity on the blogs I follow ... Shybiker's blog post this morning was about his favourite building ~ The Flatiron Building in New York ~ and it got me thinking about my favourite building.  I LOVE heritage buildings and the first one that came to mind is the Rissik Street Post Office ~ which has been standing empty since 1996 and deteriorating.  How I wish I could afford to buy a building like this and renovate it to it's former glory.

Another heritage building that I love, for personal and sentimental reasons, is my Gran's house in Durban. Unfortunately it is no longer in our family ~ long sad story ~ but every time we go to Durban we do a drive~by to have a look at it.  I will have to photograph a page I did on it and share it as I cannot find a photo of it right now.

I'm off to bath and get ready for the day.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! When I read your comment, I thought I'd really like to see a picture of the building you mentioned but doubted I could find one anywhere. Thanks!

    1. I must tell you something really funny ... when I read your post this morning I read it as the "Flirtation" building and then when I looked at it again this afternoon I saw the same thing! Hmmmmm!!! Flirting with the architecture maybe??