Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kindness ...

In 2010 at one of our Scrap Addict trips to the Good Shepherd Retreat my friend Alison gave us a little book ~ 200 Morning Prayers ~ When I get to work in the morning I sit in my car with Classic FM in the background and read a prayer for the day.  Each day the prayer seems to be just perfect.  Today's prayer read ...

  Heavenly Father, at the beginning of this new day you have blessed me with, I seek your protection and guidance.
  Let me live the day in such a way that at least one person I will meet during this day will be happier for having met me.
  Let me live the day in such a way that when this day is through and its toiling is over at least one person will remember me for having spoken a kind word.
  Let me live the day in such a way that when the evening arrives I will feel the satisfaction that I brought joy to at least one person's life.
  Let me live the day in such a way that when my eyes begin to close in slumber tonight I feel that I have left a trail of kindness and not a scar of discontent and I hear you say to me "Well done ... you have indeed earned another day by the good you did today".
  I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

As I got out of my car I was mulling on this prayer and was wondering if I did anything to spread kindness yesterday and a conversation I had with one of my Managers came to mind ~ her daughter and son-in-law are having problems and I called her to ask her a work related question and then asked her how she was doing ~ she said that I had called her at just the right time as she is really battling with these problems ...  It really hit home to me that it is not the HUGE things we do that make the real difference ~ it is about remembering to ask someone how they are really doing ~ as the saying goes "People won't remember what you did but they will remember how you made them feel"  So today I will endeavour to again sow seeds of kindness in my day.


  1. such a lovely blog post - well done!!

  2. Stunning post Lynn - what we should all live by!!

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