Friday, 24 February 2012


Today passed in a flash ...
  • I overslept a bit this morning but was still on the road at around 06h30 and arrived at the Area Office in Helderkruin at 07h05, ate my breakfast in the car and then logged onto my laptop as I waited for someone to arrive and open the office. 
  • 8 interviews thankfully ended off on a high note with a young lady named Mbali ~ I told her that in the book "29 Gifts" which I am nearly finished reading there is a lady named Mbali and this young lady told me that it means flower and she sure was pretty as a flower and a joy to interview. 
  • When I was finished there I popped past my Town Square Branch to chat to my manager there as she was not happy and then I braved the traffic home ... there was an accident along Ontdekkers Road ~ thankfully it didn't look like anyone was hurt.   
Connor wanted to go to Outer Limits to play in Friday Night Magic so when I got home we got ready and went through to Melville to have something to eat ~ we had decided on Nando's but their microwave had just packed up so they said no pita or wraps ... I figured out why most of the Nando's branches food is so horrible ... their pita/wraps are all frozen and then defrosted in the microwave which makes them tough ~ they really need to go to the branch on the Bluff in Durban and get a lesson in serving fresh food.

So we ended up going to Ocean Basket again ... where we had starter portions of haloumi cheese, calamari and chips.  A darn sight better than tough pitas at Nando's!!!  We ended off with coffee and cuppaccino. 
I love spending down time with my gorgeous hunny!!!

This is the face of absolute joy when you buy a set of cards and find exactly what you were wanting.
  • We are now popping out to fetch him and then will drop into bed ... I want to go and give blood tomorrow morning.
Hope you have all had a stunning week and looking forward to R&R on the weekend.

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