Thursday, 23 February 2012

WHAT!!?? It's Thursday???

It is already Thursday night and I am trying to figure out where the weekend went and it is nearly the weekend again!!!  Here are some highlights since my last post.

This gorgeous group of girls had a wonderful day scrapbooking together ~ we did two lovely layouts and enjoyed a lot of talking, good coffee (thanks Ali!) and a great lunch. 
Noleen, Me, Leonie, Linda, Ali and Lynette in front
On Sunday we were supposed to go for a hike but my friend Leonie had a sore foot so we cancelled.  I had dropped Connor at Wendy on Saturday night so I slept a bit late (had a fantastic night's sleep).  I spent some time at my scrapbooking table and did some finishing touches on a couple of pages.

Richard got home in the late afternoon and we chatted about his wonderful weekend ...
They visited the Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorst~ spruit, lunched at Loskop Dam, through Dullstroom to the camping grounds.  A special 'bird' came to visit them on Sunday morning.
 Monday dawned all too quickly and it was back to work.  I had to leave the office early to fetch Connor and then take my Mom for her follow-up visit with the Doctor.  As usual it poured with rain while we were at the hospital.

Our friend Ana-Bela, who is expecting her first baby in April, and her fiance Soz joined us for dinner and they brought their new puppy Toby with them.  He really stole our hearts.  Mom made us a delicious lasagne and I made us chocolate sauce to add to Gino Ginelli ice-cream ... yummmm!!!  It was wonderful to catch up with Ana-B.

Tuesday started with this gorgeous sunrise on my way to Sandton where I spent the day with my area manager doing discussions with staff ~ a really good day.  I rushed home so that I could take Richard to the panel beaters to fetch his car ... it is so wonderful to be a 2 car family again!!!

Wednesday I was on course ~ learning how to take fingerprints.  We finished early so I went back to the office and caught up on some e-mails.

This morning when I woke up and went into the kitchen to make tea I could see that the sunrise was making some beautiful patterns in the sky so I grabbed my camera and took this gorgeous photo from the patio ...
Today I spent the whole day in interviews which went really well however are totally exhausting.  When I was leaving the area office Richard called to let me know that my glasses were ready for collection.  I couldn't get a nice photo of me with them on but I am 'test driving' them right now!!!  Here they are photographed on top of a R1,500 fine which Richard got in Durban ... eish!!!!!

We just got home from fetching Connor from the Grade 8 concert at school which he says was really good.

I have got another full day of interviews tomorrow so am hoping for a good night's sleep.  So I am going to say "Night Night ... Sleep tight".

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  1. Wow Lyn, I wondered why you had not updated all week, and then you tell us all the news. Wonderful, good job. Loved the puppy. I have a Basset Hound female named Zoe. I adopted her more than 2 years ago, and she was just about 2 years old then. Such a lovely dog and she looks like a real hush puppy. And all those nice sunrise photos, well done. Have yourself a wonderful weekend, xxx