Saturday, 25 February 2012

An extra early morning ... not by choice!!!

I was woken at 04h15 by an SMS from the bank advising that a payment had been credited to my account ~ This is better than a debit however it was not millions and I was a little frustrated at being woken out of a deep sleep!!!

I got up after 6 and had a long bath and finished reading my book "29 Gifts" ... Tonight I want to visit the website  This is one of the most awesome books I have ever read ~ Thanks Ali!!! (This was part of my birthday gift from my friend Alison)

At 08h45 Connor and I were out the front door on our way to The Glen so that I could give blood ~ Connor was not feeling well so he decided not to give blood.  I filled the container in 5 minutes and learned that if it takes longer than 10 minutes to bleed a pint of blood that the platelets are damaged and cannot be used but the other parts of the blood are used ~ I am so happy that I bleed really quickly as I love the fact that one pint of my blood can save 3 lives!!!  Connor and I had a Latte at Fego before coming home.

We left the house just before 12, dropped Mom at the Casino and drove through to Lifestyle Garden Centre to meet our friends Lorenzo, Marian, Madison and Evan Rheinicke for lunch at Primi Life.  We haven't seen them in a while and they gave me a lovely birthday gift ... I love it when my birthday lasts so long!!!  We popped into West Pack as we were a bit early and got each of the kids a colouring~in book & crayons which really interested Madison.  We had a wonderful time with them and after lunch we meandered through West Pack again. 

I tried to get a photo of their little family but Madison was not interested in smiling sweetly for the camera so I took some photos of them acting silly ... which is just as much fun!!! 

 Lorenzo then took a photo of our little family acting boringly normal!!! LOL!!!!
On our way home Mom called to say she was ready to be collected from the casino.

This is the gorgeous gift I got from Marian, Lorenzo and the children ...
Marian had phoned me and asked me for my favourite recent photo of our family ... I told her that it was actually a photo taken at Lorenzo's 30th birthday last year ... this is what she did with it.  GORGEOUS!!!!
 I placed it on the table when you enter our lounge and it looks wonderful ...
I am sitting here listening to the beautiful sounds of Jesus Culture Band who sound very much like Hillsong ~ Thanks for remembering I like Hillsong so much Marian!!! 

Indiana just had another fit so we are going to have to ask the vet to do the blood tests earlier than planned to see if the dose of medication he is on is high enough ~ I am not sure if I can continue to see this young animal suffer with these horrible fits (I sat and stroked him while he had this fit and it is not a pleasant sight) and watch Connor's panic when they happen.

It's nearly dinner time and I am going to ask Richard to play Scrabble with me after dinner.

Hope you have had a restful Saturday!!!  See you again here in blogland tomorrow!!!

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