Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Scrappy Saturday

Last night we took Connor and Liam to Outer Limits to play in a card tournament (or whatever it is called).  We had dinner at Ocean Basket and instead of sitting there for 3 - 4 hours we came home and then went back to fetch them at 10h30 ... The guy who owns the shop is really good with the young kids and makes sure they are collected safely.  They had a stunning evening and were full of beans when we got home and as a result they are still fast asleep.

I got up at 05h45 to make Richard a cuppa tea as he is off on his 'boys riding weekend' and am now waiting for my friend Linda Wood to fetch me ~ we are going to a Scrapbooking 'Class' in aid of a young guy who has been invited overseas to play hockey ~ His foster/adopted Mom is raising money for this trip ~ This is the second one we are going to and I am really looking forward to the page we are going to do.  Will only be able to share tomorrow night as Richard has taken my camera with him (separation anxiety set in yesterday already!!!).

I saw this gorgeous message on my friend Ingrid's facebook page ...

Wishing you a stunning Saturday.

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