Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I got going early again this  morning and had an uneventful trip to work ~ the traffic was quite good and I was eating my breakfast before 7 at my desk.  The rest of the day passed in a whirl of spreadsheets, e-mails and phone calls.  I left the office just after 4 and much to my amazement the traffic was wonderful. 

It's the second Wednesday of the month which means it's Sister's Dinner so I popped past Pick 'n Pay to get a Valentine's gift for the girls.  When I got home Richard was outside putting up the little tent he got himself for the biking/camping trip the "boys" are going on next weekend and I sorted out the gifts for my sisters.

I got them each an Addis Fresh Stuff Stack-its (which is three containers which clip into each other) and I filled them with 1. A t-shirt cami / 2. Chockits with vanilla chocolate / 3. Provita (which I know Noleen loves) topped with a P.S. chocolate which says "I love you".

I left the house at 18h20 and the sunset was absolutely stunning but I could not find a place to stop and take a photo.  When I got onto the highway it had already changed a lot but I snapped this shot anyways ...

Wendy and I arrived at Torino's at the same time armed with our gifts ... She gave us a cashew & coconut chocolate (one of my favourites!), liquorice, manhattan wine gums, a cute teddy key ring and a pair of furry handcuffs ... Connor's reaction "Oh my goodness!!!!"  One never knows what goes on inside a teenage boy's mind when he sees something like this!! LOL!!! and then I guess my husband is just a 52 year old teenaged boy as well.

We had a lovely evening filled with good pizzas, interesting and sometimes volatile conversation and much laughter.  Here are my beautiful sisters ...

and the 'Silver Surfer' with lipstick on!!! 

Well that's it for Sister's Dinner #2 of 2012!!!

Hope you have all had a Wonderful Wednesday. 

See you soon.

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