Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The last day of January ... eeeek!!!!

It is hard to believe that the first month of the year is already nearly done and I am sad to say that I have unfortunately not met all my goals for January although I did give good effort to what I had planned.  I did not overdo it but I was CONSISTENT ... there's my word!!! 

Today I went to the optometrist for my bi-yearly eye test ... I can't wait to get my new glasses.  I made sure that I got a pair of glasses will fit into my scrapbooking caddy as there is nothing more frustrating that to get somewhere to scrapbook and realise that I do not have my glasses with me and then battle through the day not being able to see exactly what I am doing ... ahhhhh it's a bugger getting older!!! LOL!!!

Tomorrow is a new day and a new month and it gives us another chance to put effort into what we would like to achieve.  Tonight I am going to review my goals for January and put deadlines to those things in February. 

  • and is also the month that I have allocated to really kickstart my 2012 scrapbooking and get some serious scrapbooking done.  I have never been at this point in the new year and only finished half of the previous year's scrapbook pages.  I will consistently work towards getting 2011 finished so that I can start with 2012;
  • and it will be month where I will be true to my blog name and share more of the pages I do;
  • and in an attempt to be consistently organised, I have already bought my boys gifts for Valentine's Day!!! Go me!!!!
  • and is another chance for me to love myself and look after my health ... I need to really start focussing on exercising more and watching what I eat as this menopause thing is really playing havoc with my weight ... and it is only 11 months till I turn 50 and I REALLY don't want to be fat and fifty!!!
  • and loving myself means that I will make an appointment to see the gynae, the ENT to sort out this ringing in my ears!!! (eventually!!!) and the dentist. 
    >>> Now you see why it is so important for me to sit down with my goals list for February!!!
Well, it is nearly dinner time and after dinner we are going to pop out to Schatzie and Wendy for a cuppa coffee to download photos from when the boys went riding on Sunday (another page to scrapbook!!!). 

Hope you have all had a Teriffic Tuesday and are looking forward to a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Another note on love ... I dug into my records and found some beautiful pages that I did that celebrate a very special wedding ... This is from November 2010 when my precious friends Samantha and Petrus got married ... It is one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to and I had a lot of fun doing these pages ...

 On this page I showcased their wedding invitation which I made for them.
 Best friends and now husband and wife.

Always having fun!!!
I did these table numbers which worked very well.
Colleagues and friends.

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