Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wow!!! It's Sunday again!!!

I can't believe how quickly this week has sped past.

Every morning I get up around 5am, shower, go to the kitchen and make tea (for Richard and Mom) and hot chocolate or coffee for Connor.  Richard and Connor get their cuppas in bed.  Friday was no different ... When I went into Connor's room this is how I found him sleeping ...

 I could not resist taking a photo of him, which of course woke him up and fortunately he was not irritated at being woken with a flash.  I then took a photo of my gorgeous hunny ... this man really lights up my life.
Next is make up, hair, get dressed.  I am lucky enough to have my lunch packed by my Mom and then I am out the front door and into my car for another exciting day in the big corporate world.

When I leave the house in the morning this is the first sight I see as I open the front door ... it is my friendship garden ~ originally planted by my friend Alison and then added onto by my friend Natalie ~ The roses that Natalie planted are blooming beautifully.

I jumped into my car and was dreading the traffic as I got going about 20 minutes later than usual ... this is what my road looks like just as I pull out of the driveway ... and I am off and going for another day with my January teddy bear on my dashboard.
 Around the corner this man sets up 'shop' every morning where he sells boerewors rolls ... although the weather was overcast and a bit wet he was still out there preparing for his day.  When I see this I am really thankful that I work in a building which is temperature controlled, dry and pleasant.

The building I work in is non-descript from the outside but once you get inside it is rather lovely ... with lots of antique furniture (which I LOVE!!!).  My car parks outside here under the awnings ~ which is rather frustrating when it rains!!!

I left the office early to meet Richard and Connor at Makro to buy a new chair for Richard's office ~ I got a R100 off an R800 purchase for my birthday from Makro and this was a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of it.  We got a lovely black leather chair which has good support for his back.  We popped over the road to the Golden Arches of McDonald's for a late lunch and then on my way home I picked Liam up.  Mom treated us to Chinese for dinner.  After dinner I felt totally exhausted and went to bed early which meant  I did no packing or cooking for our Saturday scrap and I had promised a pasta dish for lunch!!!

Soooooo ... Yesterday morning I was up at 5 and straight into the kitchen in my jarmies where I made a pasta and mince dish topped with cheese for our lunch, gave my hunny a cuppa tea, ate breakfast with him and then I packed some pages.  I jumped into the shower and was on the road by 07h20.  The drive through to Alison was really pleasant and when I got to her we had coffee and banana bread.  Linda joined us a while later and once we had done our catch-up we got started ... I felt like I had to learn how to scrapbook again but once I got going it really flowed.  Lunch was a feast of pasta and salad followed by yummy individual lemon cheesecakes (Alison made this using a Tennis Biscuit base topped with mascapone cheese mixed with lemon curd and toasted almond flakes sprinkled over the top).  I left Ali at 17h35 ~ it was raining so the drive home was a bit tense as many of our fellow South Africans have brains that go to mush when it rains and they drive like maniacs without putting on their headlights.  After dinner we took Liam and Connor through to Wendy's house and had a cuppa coffee with them and watched a bit of American Idols.  We had another relatively early night.

This morning I was up at 5 again ~ made Richard tea and then jumped into the shower.  Got dressed and at least this time when I saw Richard off it was not in my jarmies!!! and of course the neighbours didn't come out early just because I was dressed!!! LOL!!!!!  This is the gorgeous sunrise that we saw ...

I spent time in front of the PC then and cleaned up the e-mails and downloaded photos and then took Mom down to The Glen ... I made a list of what I needed to do and got everything done in an hour ~ Go me!!!  I went to Dischem / Clicks ~ for a birthday gift for August!!!  How prepared is that!!!??? / Pick 'n Pay for milk and burger patties for dinner / The watch shop for batteries for my watches / Woolies for meat, yoghurt and pork pies for my hunny / Dropped off some glasses in the recycle bin at the one optometrist / Made an appointment to have my eyes tested on Tuesday afternoon at the other optometrist / Popped into PNA to see if they had anything for some wedding invitation samples I need to do.  Mom and I then popped past Norma and had a cuppa coffee with her and we were back home by 11h30.

Richard has just arrived home from his ride ~ he says it was really great ~ and I am now going to work on those wedding invitation samples.  Hope your weekend has been ultra~special and that the coming week is super productive.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. I love posts like this that give us a window into your world. They help us visualize and understand better what your life is like. Thanks!