Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A long day ...

Fortunately after dropping Connor at school the traffic through to the office was not too bad.  Grabbed a cuppa coffee and bumped into my very special friend Dick Staple ~ we used to work together in the Regional Office and then he retired and is back on contract and looking younger and fitter than ever ~ and had a very welcome catch up with him.  My performance review went very well ~ my boss is very good at doing reviews.  Rushed out the office to get to a meeting in Sandton.  At the end of the meeting I had to do some work on my laptop as some of our branches were really tardy with doing their performance reviews and I had to follow-up with them.  Into the traffic at 5h45 and got home at 6h30 which wasn't too bad.  Now I am sitting here in the study and listening to Clint Black (my favourite Country and Western singer) and doing a quick blog post ... unfortunately no photos to share today.

Now I am off to sort out some paper work, pay the bills, etc.  Have a second interview tomorrow afternoon so mustn't get to bed too late!!!  Hope you all had a stunning day!!! and sleep tight!

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