Saturday, 21 January 2012

A mixed bag

This morning I was awake early but refused to get out of bed before 06h30!!!  My rebellion has really started at an advanced age! LOL!!!

Got up and did a mini pedicure ~ I really prefer to go to the beauty salon but I am looking at ways of saving money ~ and then had a lovely shower.  Got Connor out of bed eventually at 09h15 (he is spending the day with his friend Kayley) and after dropping him off I popped past the post office to collect a parcel ~ I ordered The Language of Flowers ~ Anyone can grow into something beautiful ... by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  I have not read anything by her before however when I saw this book in the bookstore I loved the cover and when I saw it in the book club catalogue I ordered it.  I will only read it after I have finished 29 Gifts.

Richard has been working in the garage since yesterday afternoon servicing his motor bike.  It is great that he enjoys doing these jobs and by him doing it he saves us a lot of money.  Here's my gorgeous guy in his favourite place ... his workshop/garage.

This afternoon we attended the memorial service for my friend Alison's sister Rose~Marie at the Fourways Memorial Park.  It was a wonderful celebration of a life cut far too short and it really brings home that we need to enjoy our lives more and stop sweating the small stuff.  It was really wonderful to see Alison's Mom, Step-Dad and her brother again although not nice under these conditions.  I really feel very sad to Ali's Mom as Rose-Marie was her first-born and I can just imagine how difficult it is for a parent to lose a child ~ no matter what their age is.

I love the dress I wore today ... Richard took this photo for me in our entrance hall.

Behind me is my favourite piece of artwork The Three Tenors by South African artist Frida van der Merwe.  The story behind it is ... I saw it in an art shop in The Glen shopping centre before we visited Wendy in Germany in 2003.  Richard asked me if he could buy it for me and I said that if it was still there when we got back from Germany then it would mean that it was mine.  Thankfully it was still there and I got it as a birthday gift ... It is one of my prized possessions.  Interestingly ~ about a year later we visited the Rand Easter Show and we saw Frida doing another drawing.  I got the gorgeous roses from Alison at the service today.

We just got back from dropping clothes off for Connor as he is sleeping over at his friend and now I am going to relax with my hunny in front of the TV.  Hope you have all had a stunning Saturday!!!

SOME MORE GIFTS ... It sure is wonderful to have a birthday for so long!!!

My precious friend Natalie, who lives in New Zealand and makes the most amazing cakes, sent me a gorgeous notebook with my name on it and some scrapbooking papers.

My friend Alencia gave me a gift voucher for Woolies so I got myself some three quarter tights to wear under my dresses ~ I feel much more comfortable when I have tights/stockings on under my dresses even though it is a bit hot.


  1. I was wondering why you both looked rather dressed up when I passed by earlier this evening. Hope their family is coping.

    Pretty dress Sista.

  2. I just had a long, fun chat with Wendy on Facebook. Really nice to talk to her in real-time. She filled me in a little on your family's background.

    I also did my nails this morning. Unlike you, I've never gone and had them done by anyone else. That'd be a treat.