Friday, 20 January 2012


in the land of blogging and am going to do my posts in a couple of "episodes" as there is a lot to tell you since I last blogged on 13 January ...  I will post each day as it happened so read the posts dated 14 - 19 January below.
So .. today 20 January 2012 ~ I was up early after a sleepless night due to nerves for the interview I attended today (Although I am fortunate enough to not be totally desperate to get another job, it is still a daunting prospect to go and face a panel of people you do not know.  This was the first interview I had ever done where I had to do a presentation however it seemed to go well).  I left the house early and was at my desk at 06h30 and got a whole lot of work done before I left the office at 09h15 to travel to Meadowdale for the interview.  Had coffee with my friend Sandra after the interview and then back to the office where my boss asked me about the interview and I gave her the low-down on what I had presented. 

I had some good news about the fixing of our car ~ it is at least going to cost less than the quote Richard got so I gave the garage the green light to fix it.

Left the office at 4 and thankfully the traffic was pretty good.

In the past couple of months I have started wearing dresses again and today I thought I would take a photo showing the dress I wore today.  I am loving wearing dresses again ~ However looking at this one in the photo I think I need to shorten it a bit although I love the fact that it hides my ankle that swells so badly ... decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

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  1. Sounds like your life is eventful right now. Good luck with that. And I'm glad you're returning to dresses: they're great!