Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another weekend done and dusted!

This morning it was a 6am wake-up call ~ My gorgeous man went out riding with Wendy's man Graeme.  I got up and made him a cuppa tea, made up the bed and went outside to take this photo of him ... in my jarmies!!! As I walked outside the neighbours were leaving their house and saw me in all my nightie glory!!!  Thankfully it is a long t-shirt type nightie and nothing lacy!!!

Breakfast was a Woolies caramel yoghurt which is like eating dessert for breakfast ~ and it's low fat!!!  I was introduced to this by my friend Alison.  The next 105 minutes was spent in front of the computer peeking into other peoples lives ~ If I didn't kick my bum off the chair I would have spent the whole day there popping around from site to site.

So it was off to the shower and then grocery shopping ~ I like to do this early before the crowds descend on the shops.

When we came out of the shops my darling arrived and helped us pack the car and then we came home and the unpacking and packing away happened.  I spent some time chilling with my hunny and then we had to go and fetch Connor in a terrible storm with hail.  Connor and I visited Wendy as he couldn't wait to see the boys and then it was home, dinner, a bit of TV and a very early night ~ can't understand the exhaustion!!

Wishing you all a good night's sleep and hope that the week ahead is really special.


  1. Hey Lynnie,
    I hope this comment is the start of many to show you how much i enjoy your blog!!! The style of your writing is very similar to mine & i find it so easy & effortless to read! Love you lots & lots, Rozzie

  2. Hey my friend, I am delighted that you managed to comment and that you enjoyed reading my blog. It is my on-line journal ~ have never managed to keep up with a written journal but this is fun. Love you lots 'n lots!!!