Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday, Monday .... so good to me!

Today started off early, as is usual.  The traffic at 06h10 was good to me and I arrived at my desk at 06h35 with every intention of doing nothing until I finished the preparation for my performance review on Wednesday ... I eventually got working on it around 11and e-mailed everything to my boss before I left the office ... YIPPEEEEE!!!!!

I took a lunch break today as Richard was stuck in van der Bijl and asked me to fetch Connor from school.  It was a welcome break from my desk and I enjoyed spending some time with my son ... He came back to the office with me, had lunch, did his homework and it was wonderful to have someone to drive home with.

After dinner I made my boys a horlicks milkshake and then watched some TV.  I am so exhausted now that I am going to crash into bed.  Night, night everyone.

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