Thursday, 19 January 2012

I love presents!!!

I started off the day at my Roodepoort Branch with a disciplinary discussion which is not always a great way to start off the day but it became more of a coaching session for the staff member.  The branch has just been renovated and is really lovely.  I also saw one of my favourite staff members, Tshifhiwa, who we just transferred from Sandton Branch to Roodepoort.  Tshifhiwa is visually impaired and was battling to get from home in Roodepoort to work in Sandton City.  I know that the Branch Manager at Sandton was VERY sad to lose him but the most important thing was to get him closer to home.

I spent the rest of the day at the office and when I left at 4 I got through the traffic 'reasonably' easily ~ it took the normal hour to get home due to one traffic light being out.  I quickly changed into my walking shoes and we went off the the Country Club to walk around the golf course while Connor was at tennis.  I unfortunately have a blister on my foot and it got worse so I had to take off my shoes and walk barefoot which is really difficult for me but the grass was nice and cool underfoot so it wasn't too bad.  After dinner I worked on my presentation for the interview tomorrow and we watched a couple of episodes of The Mentalist ~ we still have quite a lot to catch up on PVR.

All in all a good day.

I took photos of some of my wonderful birthday gifts ...

I was so excited when we got home from our break to find this amazing gift from my niece Taryn in Texas ... I had said to her that if she wanted to get me a gift that I would LOVE some stuff from Flylady ~ I really didn't expect ALL of this ... She got me the Purple Rags in A Bag, Flylady Shopping Bags, Flylady water bottle (which is not shown here) and a gorgeous handbag.

 This is the very thoughtful gift from my friend Alison ... I am more than half way through the 29 Gifts and what an amazing book.  She also found me a new cell phone pouch ~ I love this as it has space for my access card and license and my cell phone fits snugly inside.
 My friends Linda and Lynette gave me gift vouchers from Scrap-a-doodles so while we were there I got this gorgeous set of stamps and a brad seter.  Linda also gave me the beautiful cross.

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