Wednesday, 11 January 2012

GO ME!!!

This morning I woke up just after 4 and then went back to bed only to wake with a fright at 5 when the alarm went off.  I was going to a meeting and couldn't go all the way to the office first so after I showered I fired up my laptop and sent out my daily motivation, made tea for the family, dressed and had breakfast with my hunny.  I got to the meeting an hour early and did some reading.  We started the meeting and after the same people asking for a break for the THIRD time (15 minutes each hour!!!) I checked what was next on the Agenda and excused myself and went back to my office ... Now this is something that I would normally not do however my goal of being CONSISTENT came into play and I decided that I was not going to consistently waste time in meetings that add no value ... GO ME!!!!

Back at my office I got a load of work stuff done and one personal thing ~ I phoned a guy about fixing our car and within an hour of that call he had sent his towing guys to fetch the car (and his shop is on the other side of town to us!!) ~ I am super impressed with his service.

I left the office at 5 and got stuck in the first traffic jam since 19 December 2011!!!!  EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! There was one traffic light out and it caused a kilometer of traffic.  Once I got past this light the traffic flowed.  I got home, chatted to my hunny for a bit and then left to join my sisters for our monthly Sisters Dinner.  We wanted to try a Portuguese Restaurant which was unfortunately not open today so we went to George's Bistro again this month ~ Although it is Sushi Wednesday I had a lovely steak followed by a peppermint crisp dessert and twp cuppaccinos.  In the month of our birthdays the other three sisters treat the Birthday Girl to dinner ... this month was my time to be treated!!!  My older sister, Noleen, gave me a beautiful purse for my birthday and I had some fun 'loading' it with my cards, etc. from my old purse which my sister Norma had given me for my 40th birthday ... Did I say 40th???? I feel like I am 27!!! and am actually two days away from being 49!!! (367 days until I turn 50!!!). 

My younger sister Norma had already given me my birthday present when we visited the Irene Market in December and I will wear the shirt with the skirt I got from my friend Roz for my birthday on Friday.  I will remember to take a photo and show you how I look in my new glad rags.

Here are the 4 York Girls ... Noleen, Lynn, Norma, Wendy.


I'm off to cuddle with my hunny and hopefully get a good night's rest.  Sleep tight y'all!!!

P.S.  Our dog is still at the vet ... he says on further investigation he thinks he has got epilepsy.  We will fetch him tomorrow afternoon as he wanted to keep him another night for further observation.


  1. What a fun and informative post. And thanks big-time for the sister pix. You're all beautiful and, interestingly, you resemble each other. The eyes and mouths especially. It's fun to learn about families.

  2. Please forgive me for leaving a second comment but I just read about your first date. He brought his father?! That's something I've never heard of before. I'm surprised that he doesn't think it was odd.

  3. Hi Ally, And we went out on our second date with him again ~ As a result I had an amazing relationship with my father in law.