Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Busy as a bee ...

Another early morning at the office after a very restless night.  At 02h10 our dog Indiana had another fit so Connor was outside trying to calm him down and then got him into Mom's room to sleep there.  This morning Richard had an appointment in Secunda and dropped Connor and Mom at the vet who decided to keep Indiana in overnight and says he thinks it is a chemical imbalance which Indiana will have to live with ~ they did blood tests and we are waiting for the results.

I only woke up when the alarm went off at 5 and jumped in the shower and while I was getting ready I texted an old boss of mine, Dave Harrison, for his birthday today.  I was delighted a little later on when he texted back.  I worked for him about 17 years ago and he was one of the most special bosses I ever had. 

Thankfully the traffic is not totally back to  normal yet and it is still taking me 20 minutes from my gate to my desk.  Now that there are more people in the office it is more difficult to get things finished as there are many interruptions.  I left the office before 5 this afternoon and came home to finish some of the things I didn't get finished at the office.

While working on the patio I had the TV on in the background and caught Trevor Noah on Jay Leno.  He is the first African comedian to appear on Jay Leno's show and he got a standing ovation ~ which he deserved.  I felt like a proud Mom watching my nervous son.

My goal for next week is to start my walking regimen again and to start scrapbooking a page a day.

Well this is my diary entry for today and I now need to finish up and get to bed as I have to attend a meeting tomorrow morning on the West Rand and don't want to battle to stay awake in the meeting.

Hope you all have a restful night.

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