Thursday, 12 January 2012

It's the boss' first day back at work

and I started it out with breakfast with my special friend Michelle who is one of the reasons I blog on a daily basis as I know she is going to check up on what I am getting up to!!!  We had a lovely healthy breakfast of yoghurt, muesli and fruit salad followed by cuppaccinos ~ I got the waitress to take a photo for us so the quality is not great.  Michelle gave me a beautiful mosaic plate (which she made hereself!!!) and a gorgeous necklace ~ am going to be wearing it tomorrow with my other birthday gifts from Norma and Roz.


My next stop was my branch in Town Square and then was back to the office.  My boss is used to me taking the day off on my birthday so she had a gorgeous bunch of flowers for me and some sweeties.  I will take a photo of the flowers tomorrow.  I knucked down and got some work done and then left the office at 5 after a huge thunder storm.

Richard and Connor picked Indiana up from the vet early in the day ~ He seems very subdued.

Wendy and Graeme popped past and we had a quick cuppa coffee.  I got this gorgeous fresh water pearl necklace and foot goodies from them and Mom.

We then spent time packing for the weekend.  Luckily all I will need to take on the plane with me is my laptop, my camera and a book to read!!!

We were in bed early as we need to be up really early in the morning.  Sleep tight!

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