Thursday, 15 December 2011

Where has the time gone?

On 3 December I promised I would post an update and here I am 12 days later ... Where has the time gone??

  • Well ... on 3 December the weather did hold out and I got a lot done ~ Indiana to the vet, post office, Westpack's new store in Alberton, dropped Connor at The Glen and Mom at the casino and flew through to the Botanical Gardens.  When we got there Alison and her sister Caron were just ahead of us in the queue.  Our first port of call after we had found a spot to sit was the ice-cream van ... it was still seriously warm when we got there around 17h30.  We had a wonderful evening and it is amazing to see all the candles against the darkness of the night.  We got home around 21h00 ... Norma was at the casino so we didn't have to pick Mom up and Connor asked to be fetched at 22h15 so we watched some TV to pass the time.
  • On Sunday afternoon we had a braai at Graeme and Wendy.
  • Monday came around all to soon and it was back to the salt mines.
  • On Tuesday I had my day planned fantastically ... meeting at Rosebank, Connor to the doctor at 14h30, Richard to the urologist at 15h00 and then home to get ready to go to my friend Cheryl for dinner and scrapbooking.  I left Rosebank at 13h45 and just up the road my phone rings and it is the lady from Dr Doherty's rooms to say that they needed to postpone Richard's appointment ~ my response "absolutely no way!!!  My husband is VERY uncomfortable and this stent needs to come out TODAY!"  She said we could come through at 16h30.  After Connor's appointment (he has a throat and ear infection) we sat at the coffee shop and had something to drink and when we went down to the doctor's rooms there were 5 people ahead of us.  We only got in to see him at 1730 ~ he apologised profusely for making us wait AGAIN!  When we got home I grabbed my stuff and rushed out the door ... I wasn't too late as the traffic to Edenvale was a breeze (for a change!).  Had a lovely evening with Cheryl and her regular scrapbookers.
  • Thursday 8 December was a rather busy day ... it started out at 135 Rivonia Road where we had our year end meeting for the HR Academy.  My new friend Zimaza Klaas was there ~ we had missed each other at our last course as she was sent two invitations and accepted a different date to me.  Luckily I had my camera with me and Linda Wood took this photo of us ...

  • We drove in convoy from 135 to Back 'O The Moon where we were having our Regional Christmas Function.  I LOVE this venue.  It is obviously a popular venue as every single seat was taken.  Sam took this beautiful photo of my colleagues and me (Mary, Delphine and Beular).  We had a lovely lunch ~ there was a platter starter with calamari, chourico, trinchado, chicken livers and a greek salad.  Main course was a choice of calamari, sole, duck or steak.  I chose the steak and when it came it was a huge piece of meat so my colleague Luvho and I shared our meals ~ he had ordered the calamari so we had an impromptu surf 'n turf!  I had ice-cream and choc sauce for dessert.  We did a bit of dancing and then it was time to rush off and fetch Connor and Richard.
    My gorgeous friend Sam.
Funny girl!!!
  • REPORT TIME ~ Connor had been so stressed about his marks that I am sure that is why he got sick (throat and ear infection).  When we got to the school there was no queue for his class so Mr van Rensburg gave us his report and I could not see what the result was ... when I was at school our reports always said 'Promoted to ...'.  On this report it has a symbol "A" = advanced.  Connor was absolutely delighted and Richard and I absolutely relieved.
  • On Thursday evening I did my packing for my scrapbook weekend ~ I hadn't had time to put together any packs so I just packed everything. 
  • Friday morning dawned wet, wet, wet.  Richard dropped me at the hairdresser (I tried Norma's hairdresser Kirsty and am not too sure if I am happy with the cut yet) and Noleen collected me and I took her to breakfast at Mugg 'n Bean to say "Thanks for collecting Connor a whole lot of times and taking Mom to the doctor, etc".  After breakfast we walked around a bit and then she dropped me at home.  Richard and I packed the car in the pouring rain and he drove me through to Bordeaux.  I was delighted to see Joyce and she helped us unpack the car.  I sorted out the dining room where we scrap, unpacked my clothes and got started on my challenge pages which I hadn't finished.  Alison was next to arrive followed by Linda and then Leonie ~ let the scrapbooking start!!!  We were delighted to see Joyce again and she served us a gorgeous orange cake for afternoon tea.
  • Friday night dinner was Joyce's delicious chicken pie, potatoes and veggies.
  • Saturday morning we had breakfast and Lynette joined us a bit later.  I spent a whole chunk of my time sorting my 400+ photos which I had printed.  Joyce looked after us wonderfully for the whole day and served us red velvet cake for afternoon tea and then bobotie and rice for dinner.  We all wore Christmas hats to dinner and afterwards did our gift exchanges ... we were totally spoiled by each other. Lynette unfortunately went home on Saturday night as she had lots to do as she was leaving on Wednesday to go to her daughters in Cape Town.  Here are some cute photos of my scrapbook buddies in their Christmas Hats ... Alison, Leonie, Linda and Lynette. 

  • Sunday morning Joyce spoiled us with her fantastic omellettes.  We scrapped up a storm for the rest of the day.  Sunday afternoon tea of scones was followed by spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and more scrapping. 
  • Monday morning came around far too quickly.  After breakfast Leonie had to leave to go to a meeting in Sandton and we begged her to come back afterwards which she did.  Joyce served us scones as a late morning tea and we scrapped until about 13h00 when we all started packing up ... Richard arrived just as we were finished packing so I made him a cuppa tea with a scone and then we packed up our car.  It was very sad to see the end of our eagerly awaited weekend. 
  • Here is a cute photo of Joyce and me. 
  • Before I had left for the weekend Richard and I had agreed that I could change the dining room into my scrapbook room as my things were getting damaged on the patio.  When I got home I immediately got busy moving everything around ~ the one sideboard had to go onto the patio, the other sideboard had to be moved to the other side of the dining room and then my scrap storage had to be unpacked and moved into the dining room then decide where everything needs to go, clean up and pack away.  Here is a photo of my new scrap area ... cannot wait to get to this table and put together some pages.
  • Wednesday ... grocery shopping ~ as we were running low on EVERYTHING!!!! And then last night was out Sister's Dinner which we had at George's Bistro ~ same place we went last month.  We spoiled each othe rotten with a gift exchange ... I got a Willow Tree Angel from Noleen / fudge, my favourite Woolies popcorn and Justine cream from Wendy / a lucky packet (box) of stuff from Norma which included sweets, choccies, biscuits, scrapbook paper, a wooden sign which says "Families are Forever" amd a lavender container.
  • Today I went to Sandton to an area meeting (yes, yes, yes ... I know I am on leave) ~ I wanted to be at the last meeting of the year to see what challenges lie ahead for 2012.  Eddie, our Area Manager, gave us each a gift ... a travel mug, coffee/cuppaccino sachets. ferrero rocher choccies and rusks ~ a very thoughtful gift.  Connor and I popped past Justine to get an order for Wendy and then home so that he could load a game onto Noleen's computer.  When we got home we saw some activity across the road at our neighbours so I sent Mom out to find out what was going on ... sadly our neightbour Luke was found dead somewhere in the road (Mom didn't do her sleuth job very well!!! so we don't know where he was found) and they are not sure whether he had a heart attack or stroke. 
Well ... that's my novel for now ...  hope you aren't bored to tears by now.  I will share some photos of the pages I did as soon as I take photos of them ... Lynn

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