Friday, 16 December 2011

A good day ...

Connor and I went with Norma to the Irene Market.  We arrived before 9 and it was VERY busy.  Connor and I had a pancake and coffee for breakfast and then took a liesurely walk through the market.  I got some lovely hessian shopping bags and a Willow Tree ornament for Connor which he fell in love with ~ He didn't know that I had bought it and I asked Norma to take it home for me.  We had some lunch and the most amazing fruit juices.  On our way home we stopped at Westpack and left with Norma's little car looking like a taxi to the homelands ~ We fitted the most amazing amount of stuff into her car.  With much laughter on the drive to her place we dropped off the stuff and then popped past Wendy for a cuppa coffee.  All in all a lovely day!

Richard took this lovely photo for me ...
  • The beautiful ornament which I got Connor which is Quest ~ Seek Explore Discover.
  • The 'Families Are Forever' which I got from Norma at our sisters dinner.
  • My gorgeous Willow Tree ~ Angel of Miracles ... Trusting in life's everyday miracles which I got from Noleen at our sisters dinner.

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