Saturday, 3 December 2011

An EARLY Saturday morning "Hello!"

It is 04h50 as I start this blog post of mine ...

On Thursday night I managed to sort out a basket of "things" which I had on the patio which contained mail/catalogues/books/etc.  I am delighted to be able to tick this one off the constant 'To Do List' ~ just in time for the recycling paper pick up on Friday morning.

Friday morning I was up and going early ~ At my desk by 06h50 and then the rush of the day started.  My day consisted of preparing and then conducting three telephonic interviews (two STUNNING candidates ~ a lady from Metropolitan and  a 24 y/o branch manager from ABSA) for our Dandaro Programme; telecon for this Programme then into a team meeting which was light and easy going; back to my desk to finish up some odds and ends and prepare for Monday and then out the door with my colleagues at 16h00.  The traffic home was wonderful.  Got home, made a card for Gordon, prettied up Mom's gift for him and then a quick clean up and out the door on the way to Gordon's party.  We sailed all the way through until we got onto Hendrik Potgieter ... where it took us forever to move through two sets of traffic ligths as there was a traffic light out.

My darling brother-in-law Gordon turned 50 on Thursday and we had his party at my niece Gina's boyfriend's restaurant, Pralina, in Featherbrooke Village. We partied until pumpkin hour when I rounded Connor and Mom up and headed home.  An uneventful trip home ... with Connor chattering incessantly ~ this happens when he has something alcoholic to drink ~ I allowed him to have a beer and then him and Wesley shared 'somethin'.  We got to bed at 01h01.

It was taking forever to load photos so I went and had a shower and am now going into my photo programme to see if I can make the photos smaller so that I can share them ...  So please be patient ... Here they are ...
Connor took this photo of the clouds for me on our way to the party while driving along Hendrik Potgieter ... absolutely beautiful!!!

A gorgeous photo of the birthday boy and me.

  •  A gorgeous photo of my precious nephew Nicholas ~ he was the first baby that I totally fell in love with.  He was born when I was in matric and he has held my heart ever since. 
  • Norma and her imaginery partner ... she is so funny!!!
  •  Connor and his darling Aunty Nols.  They take such nice photos together.
  • Mom and the birthday boy.

  • Wendy and Graeme ~ a great photo of the two of them.  For a change Graeme isn't pulling a face.
  • Three naughty boys ~ Dean, Connor and Wesley ... Amazing how three sisters could have boys that look so different but are all sooooo tall!!! LOL!!!

  •  Gordon's Aunt Brenda and her husband (can't remember his name).  She was soooo funny ~ at 20h55 she told Gordon he had to hurry up with the party as it was 5 minutes till her bedtime.
  • Gordon's Uncle Brian and Aunty Gertie who celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary yesterday ~ I want to be so happy when I have been married for 44 years ... Only 20 left until that milestone!

  • Jeff and Margot ~ Noleen & Margot have been friends since 1973 when we started school here in Johannesburg when we moved from Durban.  They are a wonderful couple.
  • Coenie and Mary ~ Noleen and Mary used to work together.  They are such a lovely couple.  Mary's daughter runs a little restaurant that I am going to try out during December.
While waiting for these photos to load I have been sorting out my Christmas gifts and writing notes of what I still need to buy ... A goal for this weekend is to get all the gifts wrapped and ready for delivery (and some postage!).

My plans for today ... 
  • take Indiana to the vet for his last injection,
  • collect a parcel at the post office and post a letter to the pensions dept in the UK for my father-in-law;
  • shop for "gift boxes" for our Christmas gifts;
  • buy some munchies for the carols by candle light that we are going to attend, weather permitting;
  • start making my Christmas tags;
  • drop off photos for printing .... I think that's quite a list!!!!  Good luck Lynn!!!
I will catch up with you tomorrow morning and let you know how today unfolded!!!  Love you all and remember to do something special for yourself today.

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