Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wacky Wednesday!

This morning I had an appointment in Krugersdorp at 8 ... I got up on time and was ready to leave the house at 06h20.  I arrived in Krugersdorp around 07h15 and decided to pop into Mugg & Bean for a cuppa coffee and had a quick breakfast as we had no yoghurt at home.  I did 3 disciplinary discussions ~ exhausting!!! and then had to fetch Connor from school.  I arrived at the school and ate my lunch in the car ~ it is interesting to see what other parents do while waiting for their kids ... one Mom and Gran were reading books and the lady parked next to me was crocheting ~ oh how wonderful it must be to be a lady of leisure.

I sms'd my boss and asked if it was OK to work from home for the rest of the afternoon but didn't get a response ~ so I did it anyways.  At 4 (which is normally the end of the work day for me) I took Mom and Connor to Pick 'n Pay, as Connor was complaining that there was NO food in the house ~ which means no biscuits/sweets ~ and we did the shopping.  The whole store at Steeledale has been moved around and I HATE IT!  It looks like a warehouse now and there is no 'life' in the store ~ ah well!!!!  We came home and unpacked the groceries in record time and then Mom cooked us some stir fry chicken and spaghetti.  While we were eating we watched Jeff Dunham's Controlled Chaos which I ordered for Connor from Leisure Books.  Oh my word!!! He is absolutely amazing.

It was my colleague Mary's birthday on Monday and she took her birthday day off.  I just got her gift wrapped and made her a cute little birthday card which I need to take with me to the office tomorrow.  Although I feel guilty that I am late with her gift it is a case of  "Better late than never" that really applies here ~ At least her birthday is lasting longer than just one day.  I guess if I look at it my friend Elmarie's birthday was in September and I managed to deliver her gift near the end of October ~ At least I did mail her on her actual birthday so the fact that the gift is late is not such a train smash (or so I am trying to convince myself!!). 

Now it is time to go to bed and I still feel out of control.  I think I am going to have to pull an all nighter soon to get myself up to date!!!  Sleep tight and see you again tomorrow.

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  1. Busy busy as usual! I know you will get upto date in a flash Mrs BO! Love you stax xxx