Friday, 4 November 2011


Thank Goodness It's Friday ... Been a great but long week. I have been slogging at the "To Do" list and it is succumbing to my perseverance!!!

I am soooooo looking forward to scrapbooking tomorrow ~ I will share the layouts with you tomorrow evening.

Then I am excited to be working with Rose-Marie on her home ~ With her permission I will share some of the before and after photos.

I have a real deep need to help people sort out their clutter and "To Do" lists (even though I have been battling with my own ... I find when I am inspired to help someone else that my own stuff falls into place that much easier ~ Go figure!!!).

I visited my little sister last night and we were discussing my desire to be a Professional Organiser and how I really want to attend the Get Organised course but each time it is offered it is either in Cape Town or when it was in Jhb it was at a time that I had other commitments (think it is the devil messing with me??!!) ~ her advice was ... book for it, take the leave, and JUST DO IT!!! Me thinks this is the best advice on this subject.

So this morning I checked their website and sent a mail to ask when the next course is. I know that they were having one in Ireland but I think that would be a bit too expensive ... or what?? Although I would LOVE to visit Ireland and take my sister Noleen with me.

The cost of the course is R7,200 so there is going to be some extreme measures taken to get this money together for me to do the course a.s.a.p. and put my passion into practice.

Have a Fantastic Friday ... Lynn

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