Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sleep night!!!

Tonight I am going to sleep!!!!  Even if it is a drug induced sleep!!! LOL!!!!

Yesterday I spent the day at the hospital with Richard.  Had lunch, at the hospital, with Noleen and then waited the whole afternoon for Richard to go to theatre.  EVENTUALLY at 17h45 they came and took him to theatre so Connor and I went to the hospital coffee shop for a toasted sarmie.  We then went and sat in front of theatre until 20h45 when the urologist eventually came and told us that everything went off well.  By this time I was beyond panicked as the last time Richard had this procedure it took just over an hour ~ Only to find out from Richard that the anaesthetist was delayed at another hospital so they only started the procedure after 19h00.  It is amazing how no-one thought to even speak to us although there were staff in and out of the theatre the whole time.  When he came out we went up to the ward with him, I helped him change and made him a cuppa tea ~ the nurse just looked at me like I was crazy!!!  I think the look on my face said "Don't try me!!!"  Connor and I came home, he made us a cuppa tea and we watched the end of Undercover Boss.  I passed the study to check on e-mails and Connor said "I hope you aren't going to spend an hour blogging again".  We fell into bed and another sleepless night ensued with me up at 03h20 to see what the dogs were barking at!

This morning I dropped Connor at school and went straight to the hospital.  Dr. Doherty only arrived at 10h30 and said that Richard could be discharged.  A while later another doctor arrived to see to the rash he has ~ which is an allergic reaction to one of the medications he got over the time he was there.  I went to the front desk and asked if someone could come and take out the drip as it was hurting him and again at 12h00 I went back and asked when someone would sort everything out so we could leave ... they had FORGOTTEN!!!  This was a bit of a pattern over the past 5 days ~ we asked for something for pain ~ they forgot!  We had to go past the pharmacy on our way out and the prescription from Dr. Doherty was missing so we had a cuppa coffee and a toasted samie while we waited. 

Picked Connor up from school and passed KFC for an ice-cream.  Richard felt like he needed to do some exercise so we went down to The Glen to sort out my Blackberry ~ now I need to take some lessons tonight to figure out how to use it. 

Well, that's it for me for today ... I will hopefully wake up tomorrow full of the joys of summer and be well rested.  I will chat again tomorrow.

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