Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's Monday AGAIN!!!

I cannot believe how fast the time is passing ~ before we know it it will be January 2012!!!

Some catch up from the past couple of days ...

I am in awe of this gorgeous creature of ours ... Maggie is our bearded dragon.  Connor found that she likes to swim ~ after seeing our neighbour's son swimming in the pool with his grown dragon.  Connor put some room temperature water in the bath and Maggie did some laps ... She really looked like she was enjoying it.
When it looked like she had had enough Connor took her out and dried her off and put her back in her 'room'.

Wednesday 23rd was my nephew Jarod's birthday ~ We picked up a milktart on our way to their house and had a lovely time eating cake and drinking coffee in celebration of his birthday.

A good long arm shot!!!
It is that time of year where we have Recognition Functions in the Bank.  On Thursday, after attending a course the whole day, I attended my Rivonia Arterial's function.  It was held at the Wanderer's Golf Club ~ Great food, good music and the people seemed to have a great time.  Richard and Connor fetched me at 21h30 (I had left my car at home for Richard to use) and we popped past McD's for an ice-cream as there was no dessert at the function.  We had the WORST service ever from McD's ~ the staff were sullen, they took forever to fill our order ~ so long that I cancelled the coffee Connor ordered!

On Friday we finished our course early so I came home first and then drove through to Noordheuwel for the Jozi West Area's function.  They had it at the St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church.  I was totally exhausted so did not enjoy the function very much.  I passed up dinner and only had ice-cream for dessert.  This is a cute photo of me with Craig Minnie, who works in our Ops Team, and our RGM Lance van Wyk.  I left the function around 21h30 and was home by 22h00 and more than ready to jump inot bed and sleep!!!

Saturday 26 November ~ Today is Bradley's first birthday!!!  I cannot believe how quickly the year has passed since Gina gave birthday to this precious little boy.  I got up and baked 3 dozen cup cakes.  Ran down to The Glen with Mom and Connor as Mom wanted to get a gift for Bradley and then came home to ice the cupcakes and get to Noleen by 13h00.  We had a nice time with great treats and drinks to celebrate Bradley's birthday.  Here is the cute little birthday boy ...
What a cute kid!!!

Look at his cute birthday cake.
On Sunday morning Richard and Connor went off to the Toy Run ~ Wendy had told me that the parking was not going to be great so I decided to stay at home.  When the boys got home Connor, Mom and I went to LeeWays for a pancake.

Last night we watched The Mentalist (Simon Baker is just too gorgeous!!!) and before we knew it it was time to wake up on Monday morning and go back to work. 

I spent the whole day at my desk today and now with a really busy Monday behind me and with my blog updated I am now going to the patio to work on my scrapbook area as I really need to start preparing for my Christmas Scrapbooking Weekend (9 - 12 Dec) as I know that the next two weeks will fly past and I will then be in a rush to get myself sorted.

Hope you have all had a stunning Monday and I will catch up with you tomorrow (hopefully).  Sleep tight!!!

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