Thursday, 1 December 2011

Midweek madness!!!

Yesterday morning I drove through to Westonaria ~ The drive there is great as it is against the traffic.  I only left home at 06h45 and stopped at a garage along the way to get a yoghurt and still arrived at the branch at 07h20.  I did a survey with the staff then chatted to a couple of staff who had some issues and then did a staff file audit ~ which is rather tedious but needs to be done.  While at Westonaria I got a call from Tracey at Get Organised ~ unfortunately I won't be able to attend her Professional Organiser course as to be part of their team you have to be able to do this full time and at the moment this is not possible for me ~ to say I am devastated is an understatement ~ but I guess to everything there is a time and I will have to wait to get this 'qualification'.  However I am going to get my website up and running and do this on a personal basis and that way I will be able to offer my services at a better rate as paying for a Professional Organiser is very expensive and I know there are a lot of people who would love to use the services of someone to help them get organised however the cost is prohibitive.

I drove all the way back to the Area Office which is near Westgate only to find that everyone had gone home (at 15h33??).

When I got home we decided to go to The Glen to get some clothes for Connor (he is going out on Saturday with friends and he was in desperate need of some jeans and t-shirts) and have a quick bite to eat.  We popped past Dischem, Clicks and Woolies as well.  We had pizzas at Pannarotti's and then got an ice cream at Milky Lane and walked around while we ate them.  When we got home we watched Monk and then fell into bed. Even with a sleeping tablet I didn't sleep well ~ go figure.

This morning I drove back to the Area Office as I had to drop off a box of condoms ~ this is for the staff in recognition of International Aids Day on 1 December ~ can you believe that it is December tomorrow!!!!  I popped into Westgate Lower Level Branch and had a chat with the Branch Manager.  Back to the office and was hit by a stack of returns and deadlines ~ feeling a bit outta control is an understatement!!!  I BBM'd  my friend Linda Wood and asked her if she wanted to come for dinner ... Mom made cottage pie, rice, pumpkin, peas & corn followed by an apple pie (using the tupperware recipe) and custard for dessert.  We just finished watching Monk and I feel like I am ready for bed!!! although I have a huge amount of stuff on the "To Do" list I just don't have the energy to do any of it (which includes paying the bills!!!).

So I am going to say "Nite nite and sleep tite!" and hopefully I will see you around real soon.

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