Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekend roundup ...

I can't believe that another week/end has passed by.  On Thursday my post heading was 14 weeks and I forgot to say what I meant by that ...  it was that there were only 14 weeks left in the year ... Well now there are only 13 weeks left until 2012 arrives on our doorsteps!!!  And then another 13 days after that and it will be my birthday and one year until I celebrate the big 50!

Delphine & my newest best friend
Friday was a tiring but interesting day.  I arrived in town at 07h20 for our CCMA appointment at 09h00 so I stopped in at Urban Brew for a cuppaccino.  I SMS's my newest best friend, Thandeka Dube who works in our ER Unit, to join me there.  She arrived with two of our staff members in tow, Jasmine arrived a few minutes later and then Delphine joined us.  We had a lovely chat before trundling over to the CCMA.  We had a frustratingly long day with only two witnesses going in to do their testimonies after which Irene decided to settle the case ~ There were 9 of us from the bank who were sitting around for most of the day and I tried to keep everyone's spirits up as they were all very nervous of what the possible outcome would be.  When we were finished we were all starving so I called our area manager Eddie and asked if he would pay for lunch for the staff to which he agreed.  We popped over to Wimpy at Carlton Centre and had a burger each.  I took some photos of the girls ...

Sharon & Jasmine

Christabel, Bathabile, Lindie and Hazel

Friday night was spent quietly at home and I sorted out and wrapped some of my October birthday gifts.  Saturday morning we were up and about quite early and I took Connor through to The Dome to attend Rage which is the gaming and computer show.  He was so excited about it.  Richard went off to get another new tyre for my car ~ I replace the two front tyres about 2 months ago and the other morning I hit a stone in the road and damaged one of the new tyres ~ how frustrating!!!!  I then went through to Debbie Pedlar's house to collect some more photos for her daughter's 21st album and then on to Le Papier at Benmore Gardens to get paper for the seating chart I need to do for Ben & Marlini's wedding.  Marlini could unfortunately not see me as her wedding address had eventually cleared customs after 4 weeks and she had to go for a fitting.  I decided to come home and wait for Connor to call to be fetched.  When he did call he asked if Jarod could sleep over so we picked Mom up at Gold Reef and popped past Wendy to collect Jarod's stuff.  Connor bought himself a new PSP at the show and both him and Jarod were stuck to their PSP's for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning early rising AGAIN.  I watched The Triumph which is the true story of Ron Clark who is a teacher and how he turned a non-performing class in Harlem around.  It is a VERY inspirational story of a teacher's belief in his students and how they rise to his challenges.  I then paid the bills (than heavens for internet banking!!!) and took the family to Wimpy at Steeledale for lunch before doing the shoppng.  A short visit to Noleen brightened up my afternoon and then we passed Wendy to drop Jarod off.  Wendy invited Connor to sleep over so I said I would drop him off after dinner which was delicious savoury mince pancakes.  We had coffee with Wendy and Graeme and have just finished watching The Bourne Supremacy (we watched The Bourne Identity the other evening) and eating ice-cream.  Now it is time for bed and when we wake up tomorrow it is Monday again and another wonderful week begins ... Will chat with you again tomorrow evening ... Sleep tight!!!

Here's a page to share out of the archives of my friend Marian's baby shower


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