Monday, 10 October 2011

Lunch time ...

We met Richard and Graeme at Wendy's Cafe in Sharondale Nursery.  The initial service was great however we waited what seemed like an age for our food and when we called who I thought was the manager she was very rude to us and said "Well I am going to my kitchen to see what is happening" and when she came back she said "My waiters write down the time that they take the order and it has only been 25 minutes which is not a long time to be wait for your food".  To say that I was not impressed was an understatement ~ I thought she was just the manager but Wendy told me that she is the owner ... she sure needs a serious course in PR.

Thanfully the food was good ... I had a Hot Chicken Breast Salad and ate every last little bit of it.  Richard had a cheese burger which he enjoyed and Connor had a pancake which he said was not very nice.

I can't believe that my hunny is going to be 52 tomorrow ... he still looks so young!!!  Mr Dale who was my Manager in The Perm in 1985 used to say "You are only as old as the women you feel!" so hopefully that is working for Richard.

 Courteney and Connor ... as they are getting older so their friendship is growing.
Jarod & Liam.
We stopped in at Wendy & Graeme for tea and cake on the way home and spent the rest of the afternoon at home chilling (although I had stacks of work to do).  Connor decided to move his bedroom around and I helped him sort it out ... he is really happy with the setup now.  I watched the quarter finals of Strictly Come Dancing which was absolutely thrilling.  So that's the end of another weekend ... and it is back to school for Connor tomorrow.  See you again tomorrow evening.  Sleep tight and wishing you a Magnificent Monday.

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