Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Birthday Richard

This is my hunny this morning before I left for work ... he is super cute!!!

We took my boss, Saras, for breakfast this morning as it is her birthday on Thursday but we are all out of office.  We went to Mugg & Bean at Killarney.  I got the waitress to take a photo of us ... This is the team ~ Mary, Delphine, Beular, Saras and me. 

I called Richard this afternoon and asked him if we could go for a walk this afternoon and he said "OK" ... When I got home our domestic worker, Sheron, was still there so I said to her we would walk with her as she catches her taxi at The Glen.  To The Glen is all downhill!!!  We popped into the loo, and then tackled the walk back which is ALL uphill!!!  A bit of a tall ask for our first time out in a couple of months.  What a way to spend your 52nd birthday ... firstly working the whole day and then getting dragged out for a far walk by your wife ... Thanks for indulging me.

I am really happy that we did this, although it was tough, because when I walked into the loo at The Glen I saw a horrible reflection of myself in the mirror ~ it was a fat me staring back in shock and horror.  I certainly do not want to go back there so I need to put some focus on my eating plan (which I totally lost sight of over the past couple of months) and I need to exercise daily again.

Tonight I am going to work on the seating plan for Ben & Marlini's wedding and if there is time I am going to do some pages for the 21st book I need to finish off.

So I am going to say "Have a great evening and I will see you all tomorrow".

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  1. Well done on the walk. I'm down almost 2kgs. I have been done a bit of exercises every second morning, but need to start walking again to get some cardio in. Still too dark in the mornings though so I am considering the stairs at work.

    What 21st book are you working on?