Sunday, 9 October 2011

As blood saves lives so does tidying wardrobes save sanity!!!

Yesterday we started the day off by dropping Mom at The Glen and then going to Boksburg to get a new back tyre for Richard's motorbike as his birthday gift (I usually battle with an idea for his birthday and when he said he needed a new tyre I was delighted to ask him if we could give it to him for his birthday). 

We did some window shopping in the centre across the road and as Connor hadn't had breakfast yet we popped into the Nescafe Cafe and he had a savoury mince & cheese tramezzini and Richard and I had the most divine cinnamon & sugar doughnuts ~ they were warm and crispy with a little drizzle of chocolate over the top.  We then came through to The Glen and I gave blood.  Connor was contemplating and contemplating and contemplating ... EVENTUALLY he decided to do it and donated his first pint of blood.  I am mega proud of him!!!  We then went into Hi-Fi Corp and got a new Windows programme so that we could eventually sort out Connor's laptop which he had fiddled with and messed everything up on.  He is now super connected through his X-Box and Laptop (being technically challenged I am not too sure what it all means!!!) and he is ecstatic.  We had lunch at Cafe Fino and spent the afternoon at home. 

Connor invited Liam to sleep over so we went through to fetch him and when we got to Wendy's house she was on Skype with my precious niece Taryn ~ It was amazing to see her and chat to her ~ She is looking absolutely beautiful.  Wendy's domestic worker came home and we called her upstairs and she was blown away that she could see Taryn on the computer and that Taryn could see her on the other side of the world.  Isn't technology great!!???  Oh yes ... while we were at this shopping centre in Boksburg we popped into Nashua Mobile and arranged for the upgrade on Mom's package ... again Connor gets the new phone and has convinced me that I need to take his current one ... so soon I will be hooked up on his current Blackberry and BIS/BBM/etc. will become my friend!!!  Watch this space for news of this new technological endeavour!!! (I will be keeping my current phone close by just in case!!! LOL!!!)

This morning I was up at 5 to make Richard a cuppa tea and then I ate breakfast with him.  He was meeting Graeme at 6 and they were riding to Val ~ They were supposed to ride to Parys today and we were going to meet them and have lunch at O's but Bertrand let them know that there is a mountain bike race out where the guys would have gone riding.  I was really looking forward to trying this restaurant as it looks really nice on the internet.  When Richard left I jumped in the shower and after getting dressed to shoes, face and hair (as per FlyLady) ~ WHILE 90% OF SOUTH AFRICANS WERE GETTING READY TO WATCH THE RUGBY ~ I decided to tidy my wardrobe and sort out clothes that I no longer need (all the things I didn't wear during winter, t-shirts that I don't think I will wear again and also some things which I haven't worn for years). 

This is how beautiful my wardrobe looks now ....

     These are the two drawers with my make-up and hair goodies.  I used face wipes to wipe down the shelves so now my wardrobe even smells nice.  I need to pop past the chemist and buy myself some new blush as mine is finished.

    When Richard put this wardrobe in for me he put a double rail in the one side where all my tops are arranged in colour and on the other side are my dresses, skirts, pants and shoes.  See how cute my gown looks!  You can just see my two jewellery hangers on the door ...

I took two photo frames and put "L" shaped hooks into it and it is the perfect organiser.

I put the message about "The Two Wolves Inside of Us" in the frames ... which is a daily reminder to feed the positive wolf.
I have so many other things that I needed to get done today but this one stood out as the most irritating this morning and I am delighted that it is sorted out.  I will tackle some other stuff this afternoon/evening.

Connor and Liam are busy in the kitchen making crumpets and I really need them to get themselves ready as I am just waiting for Richard to call and let us know what time we are meeting them for lunch ... we are going to the Sharondale Nursery in Brackendowns and I will post some photos tonight about our lunch.  It is an early celebration for Richard's birthday tomorrow.

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  1. I can't believe your cupboard needed tidying - it is always so perfect! Love you xxx