Saturday, 29 October 2011

Highlights ...

28 October : I got this message today from my friend Michelle ...  "It is 2 weeks since your last blog post.  Is the news so juicy that you don't want to share it".  Wish it was!!! LOL!!!!

Here are the highlights from the past two weeks ...

I was on course on 13 & 14 October.  Linda Wood was on the course with me and she came for dinner on 13th for an early birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday for 15 October Miss Wood.  Here is a lovely photo of two of the Librans in my life.

I finished the 21st Album which this gorgeous girl Ashley's Mom ordered from me ... here is a peek at some of the pages I did in her book ...

 < She looked gorgeous for her Matric Dance!

 15th October : Spent the day at my friend Ali's house.  Richard moved the downpipe on her patio and added a drain as where the downpipe was situated was causing the tree on the patio to be flooded each time it rained and we were worried that it was undermining the structure of the patio.  Richard is such an amazing workman and the jobs he does are always of the highest quality.  This is a before photo of the patio >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>
Gorgeous workman!!!

This is the after photo ... We are waiting to see if Ruby and Bella decide that the drain is the perfect place to sit and watch the birds.  The drain will now exit the water directly into the flower bed rather than drowning the poor tree.

17 October : HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY Courteney.  We were unable to visit Courteney on her birthday so we popped past the next evening for a cuppa coffee and took a milk tart with.  We got Courteney a bottle of Avril Lavigne perfume that she wanted. I love this photo of her.

18 October : I took this photo of my gorgeous rose bush this morning.  I hope my friend Natalie reads my blog and sees how gorgeous it is looking.  Connor and I had our hair cut today ... this is the second time in a week that Connor cut his hair ~ he decided that it wasn't short enough to deal with the heat.  I think he looks super sexy with short hair.  I was tired of battling with my hair so I told Andre to "cut it off" which he duly did.  Sooooooo much easier!!!

 23 October : Wendy booked through Groupon for the four of us to go for High Tea at River Meadow Manor in Irene.  An absolutely stunning afternoon with great company and beautiful eats. 

Jan Smuts gave the main house (a gorgeous Cape Dutch style house) on the property to his daughter as a gift. It is used as the dining room and is furnished beautifully and has some absolutely stunning antiques.

< Norma
 There is a gorgeous little house on the property so we had to have some photos taken outside.
< Wendy

Gorgeous photos of Noleen and me.

This week has been super busy with two days out of the office at a team meeting ~ my boss took us to our Management Development Centre, Olwazini, in Muldersdrift ~ I am sure if it was rated that it would be at least 4 stars.  I had a rather frustrating drive through there on Wednesday morning as there was an accident on the highway which was not reported on Classic FM's traffic report and it took me 40 minutes longer to get there than normal.  So I was rather stressed when I got there but that dissipated almost immediately when I walked into the building.  The staff at the centre make things absolutely enjoyable and nothing is too much for them to do for you.  I didn't sleep well on Wednesday night so I was up before 5 on Thursday morning and when I switched on the TV in my room I was DELIGHTED to catch So You Think You Can Dance which I watched while doing e-mails. While sitting there I could hear the lions from the adjoining property saying their "good mornings" ~ what a way to wake up.  As usual we ate far too much ~ although I promised myself I would be good ... ha! ha!  That is nigh impossible at Olwazini ~ those of us who have worked/work in the bank know exactly what I am speaking about ~ food highlights = beetroot salad / strawberry dessert which was a strawberry mousse with real strawberries on a biscuit base / apple pie with the most amazing crust / cream puffs ... need I say more???

Today was spent in a meeting this morning with a manager & team leader followed by another meeting with a staff member who is really messed up in her head ... even her psychiatrist has told her that she is crazy ... go figure.  I had picked my boss up at the office to go to this meeting with me and when we were driving back to the office she said that I should drop her off and then go home and it was only just after 3!!!  Amazing! Connor asked if we could go out for dinner so we took him to Spur at The Glen as I also needed to do shopping for my Santa Shoe Boxes which I am relieved is now done ... all I have to do is finish off the boxes and drop them off on Sunday at the Race Course.  We finished off our shopping trip with a Latte at Cafe Fego.

Tomorrow is my monthly scrap date with the Scrap Addicts ... so I am off to pack and will check back in again soon!!!  Lynn

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