Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Second Wednesday = Sisters Dinner

Yesterday morning I worked from home and then met my friend Michelle for coffee at 2nd Cup and we shared a slice of lemon meringue and a milk tartlet ... These two sweet treats are made more delicious by the company you share and also the surroundings of 2nd cup.  The tables are set up between huge trees and the chicks and chickens walking around (I posted photos when I went there with my friend Linda).  I then visited Town Square Branch to chat to the Manager regarding a client complaint against one of our staff.  I spent the afternoon in the office as I am out on course for two days and then at a meeting on Monday.

Last night was our monthly Sisters Dinner.  We decided to try Piatto at Bassonia again ~ I didn't enjoy it last time but decided to give it a second try.  Noleen and I arrived first and ordered a hot chocolate and cuppaccino which was lovely.  Wendy arrived next and then Norma.  We ordered a mozzarella & garlic foccaccia to share as a starter which was really nice ~ just enough cheese and crispy enough.  Our main course arrived ~ I had Greek style lamb chops (I LOVE lamb chops) which came with a baked potato, Norma had a fillet, Wendy had a chicken pocket which is stuffed and crumbed and Noleen had chicken parmigianno (??).  Wendy got about a quarter of the way into her chicken and it was raw and at the same time Noleen cut open her potato and it was frot ~ no other way to describe it ~  in the middle.  This put the two of them off their food totally and of course we called the manager to advise him that although the waiter was terriffic the food was definitely not so.  He offered us coffee as an apology ~ hmmmm! Not enough of an apology in my books but anyways we accepted it.  The waiter, Antony, was super apologetic as he understands that what the kitchen does affects his earnings.  We looked at the dessert menu but nothing interested us enough to order.  It was a rather subdued dinner as Norma had a headache and the debacle with the meals made it even more so.  For once my meal was perfect and at least Noleen did eat something as we shared our meals and she also loves Lamb chops.  Well Piatto will not be visited again.

When I got home I watched So You Think You Can Dance (I am totally hooked on dancing shows) and another two programmes which were taped and we fell into bed at midnight.  Now I am up and going to jump in the shower and get ready for the trek to Sandton.  Have a great day!!!

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